Jumpstart Schools and Sports 2013

Marathon Press, Neil Enterprises, and H&H Color Lab, teamed up again this Spring to host the Jumpstart School and Sports photography training. The event was a great success, showing professional photographers how to expand their business through youth sports and school photography in their communities.

school photography conference

We spent the week of April 8th traveling around the Midwest (Dayton, OH, Minneapolis, MN and Chicago, IL) to train photographers on school and sports photography marketing and sales techniques that can help increase their bottom line.  We had a wonderful turn out this year, despite the winter storm warnings in Minneapolis!  We changed the format this year to allow attendees to be able to hear BOTH sports information and school information in the same day.   This seemed to be well received as most photographers chose to hear about both school and sports topics.  Within days of returning to their studios, several photographers emailed us to say they already had picked up new business because of the information they learned!

School Topics:

  • Effective School Photography Commission Strategies
  • To Green Screen or Not to Green Screen…
  • Online Photography Sales
  • School Photography Workflow
  • Why Should A School Do Business With You?

Sports Topics

  • Sports Photography Bid
  • Sports Sales Presentation
  • Pre Pay Flyers
  • Sports Photography Marketing
  • Commission Replacement Programs

sports and school photography conference

Jumpstart events will be hosted again next year, so stay tuned for more details.  If you can’t wait until then or want hands-on intensive training, check out our Sports and School Boot Camps at H&H this summer!

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