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The concept of a Jumpstart School and Sports tour begin out of a need for good solid professional sports photography education.  H&H Color Lab, Neil Enterprises and Marathon Press began talking about this concept 4 years ago when SPAA  (Sports Photographers Association of America) discontinued their education tour. The mission statement of the newly formed Jumpstart Sports programs was, and still is, to “focus on providing both the new sports photographer and the established photography studio insight into growing a profitable professional sports photography business.  Based on real world best practices from the industry’s top sports educators, Jumpstart  Sports provides the opportunity for you to not only to see new products and services, but participate in the conversation of taking sports to the next level with other photographers”

We have taken this tour all across the United States, hitting every region of our country.  Such success and growth has been seen in the sports photography world that the group decided to add a day of school photography to the educational line up—that is how the Jumpstart School and Sports tour got to where we are today!  Don’t just take our word for it—see what other photographers are saying!

This spring the tour is headed to Dayton, OH on April 8th, Minneapolis, MN on April 10th and Chicago, IL on April 12th.  We will spend a half day focusing on school topics and a half day focused on sports topics.

The School Topics Include:                                                              Sports Topics Include:

School Commission Strategies                                                          The Bid

To Green Screen or Not to Green Screen…                                      The Presentation

Online Sales                                                                                            The Prepaid Flyers

Workflow tips                                                                                          Sports Marketing

Why Should A School Do Business With You?                              Commission Replacement

If you missed the early bird special, we currently are running a Second Chance Special that still gives you $20 off the regular all-day price, $10 off the half-day price  and a nice discount for extra people from your studio.  For all of the details, check out our website and sign up today!

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