How Photo Booklets Can Open Doors and Increase Revenues

photo bookletsEvery day you drive by new business opportunities.  Many of the studios involved in school photography are aware of one of the facets of those opportunities….and they are called yearbooks. Those yearbooks are not high school yearbooks, which is what most people think of when the word yearbook is mentioned.  Rather they are elementary school yearbooks that have a soft cover.  They typically have one or two classes per page plus some eight to twelve pages for school groups and candids.

H&H Color Lab has a program to print photo booklets or yearbooks with a variety of options and workflow software to make it easy to do.  Yearbooks can be a great source of additional revenue.  If you are the school’s portrait provider, it will solidify your relationship with the schools you serve.  If you sell yearbook services to a school that uses someone else for their school portraits, it’s a great way for you to open the door to get the fall business.

Photo booklets offer great opportunity to traditional portrait studios, too.  Photo booklets can be offered at events like prom, dance schools, youth sports leagues, high school sports guides and programs, class reunions, church directories, country club directories, employee directories, organizational directories, military bases and reunions, homeowners associations and fraternal organizations.  All these types of photo booklets need to have photography programs connected to them to make these booklets possible and provide a reason for you to supply the photographic services for them.  Just think of how many ways you could create more studio business by promoting a directory program for these types of groups!

Watch the next blog post on the questions you should ask when selling a yearbook program.

Guest Post by Jeff Edwards of Scholastic Reflections


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