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sports photography photo labThis week we will focus on the new hhschools software. We are committed to making the transition from eZevent to hhschools as seamless as possible. With a variety of training methods in place and planned, we are here to support you and your staff. We’re excited about the new platform that we’ve been building over the past 4 years, and are doing workflows, products, and sales approaches that we didn’t even dream of 10 years ago.

hhschools is the platform that will help carry your studio into the next generation of capabilities to increase sales, decrease costs, and improve your business. We feel that if you invest a few hours of time during January and February, you will have a much smoother spring and fall season.

Recommended Training for Transitioning to hhschools

1. Watch the transition videos

2. Look at the sample project loaded in hhschools

photo lab for sports photographers

  • Click on manage projects
  • Click on sample project
  • Work this project up like you would your own schools to become familiar with hhschools

3. Attend one of our web classes (see schedule below)

As always, feel free to call customer service at any time.

hhschools Web Training for January 2014

Overview of hhschools – take a tour with us!

  • Class description: Take a tour of our new hhschools software. In this 60 minute class, walk through the software with us. Begin your transition to hhschools today!
  • Time:
    January 20, 2014    9:00 am
    January 20, 2014    2:00 pm

Sign up HERE

hhschools Q&A

  • Class description: We have set aside this time for you to ask our hhschools experts questions about the software. In this informal class you can ask questions like “Explain the changes on the group wizard,” or “Where do I find…” or “How do I do…”. We will have a few transition tips for you, too! Come and go as you please – and stay as long as you like – we want to make this transition smooth for you and your staff!
  • Dates and Times:
    January 21, 2014        10:00 am
    January 24, 2014        2:00 pm
    January 27, 2014        9:00 am
    January 27, 2014        4:00 pm
    January 30, 2014        10:00 am
    January 31, 2014        4:00 pm

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hhschools transition videos

These 12 videos are to help current eZevent users transition to hhschools. Our goal with these videos is to help you transition quickly to hhschools by showing you where we’ve tweaked things (hopefully for the better!). We think you will like what you see! And, once you watch these videos, you will feel much more comfortable with hhschools.

More training videos to come-stay tuned!

We hope this encourages you to start your transition to the new hhschools software!

Happy Training!

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