Are You Taking Advantage of Spring School Photography?

2013 School Photography ProgramHoliday decorations may not even be taken down yet…but the savvy school photographers’ minds are thinking SPRING!  Spring portrait programs, that is.

Many photographers offer their schools spring fundraising portrait programs – and you should too.  Here is why.  Schools, in today’s economy, are looking for additional ways to raise funds that are low or no work for the school and its parents.  Photography programs fit the bill perfectly.

It is easy to sell to the school’s decision maker to let you handle the fundraising program if all they have to do is get the commission!   Don’t forget to point out that parents are going to take their kids to Wal-Mart, Penney’s and Target anyway – and no school gets a check for portrait sales from any of those companies!

If you already have a school’s fall business, make sure you offer the option of a spring program.  There is no worse feeling than walking into one of your schools to find out that another photographer has cracked open the door by getting a spring program in the school.  Or, if you are trying to get school business, this is a low risk way for schools to try out your program.  You can show them the great photography and service they could be getting instead of what they have now.

Spring programs are easier than ever to do with H&H’s turn-key spring portrait programs.  H&H has everything you need from marketing notices and posters, proof and pre-pay flyer envelopes, plus some great new spring product offerings.  Doing spring portraits has never been easier and it’s a revenue generator in a typically slow time of year.

It’s so easy, why don’t you get started on your spring program today!

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