Let’s meet up at WPPI 2013!

WPPI UniversityWe’re getting ready to head out to WPPI, held in Las Vegas. The conference begins on the 7th, and the expo opens the 11th. Every year we look forward to this convention as we get to meet so many of our customers that we usually only email or speak to on the phone.

This year we’re especially excited about participating in WPPI; we’re a sponsor of WPPI University – a 2-day workshop for emerging photographers who envision a successful future in photography. We are the proud sponsor of Tim Meyer who will be presenting at WPPI U on Friday at 5:00 pm, Light Styling and Posing.

WPPI Launch Pad

And other big news for us this year is the launch of our new items being highlighted in the Launch Pad on Sunday the 10th. Be sure to stop by our booth (213) to see them up close and personal.

There’s been lots of chatter about our curved metals; you really can’t enjoy their beauty unless you see them in person and same for our new Hannah jewelry line! The Eclectic Albums will be on display too – you’ve just got to see these covers for yourself!

Shoot & Sell App



On Tuesday, Ariana Falerni will be joining us in our booth doing live demo’s of the Shoot & Sell app.



WPPI is as much about education as it is exhibits, so once again we’re proud to sponsor the following industry experts at this year’s event:

Tim Meyer 

Light Styling and Posing | Friday, 5:00 pm

Beyond The Expected Studio Lighting  | Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 – 8:30 am

Kirk Voclain

Lighting and Posing Today’s High School Seniors | Monday, 8:30 am 

Blair Phillips

Absolute Refusal to Blend In: Senior Photography that Rocks | Wednesday 8:30 am

Travis Gugelman

So You Can Take Pretty Pictures…Now Learn How to Make Money! | Thuursday, 11:30 am

So stop by, we’re eager to meet you in person! And, we also have a free gift waiting for you at our booth. See you soon.

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