Want A Great Reason to Hand-Off Design? Meet Anne Bonebrake and Team at the H&H Design Center

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Would you rather be behind a camera than a computer screen? Whatever the reason, when it’s time transform your photos into an impressive, hands-on product, the results trump the reasons. And if your job passes through the hands of Anne Bonebrake and team at the H&H Design Center, the results are apt to be a stunning photo album, telling a story as important as a wedding.

Anne spent a few minutes recently sharing her experiences at H&H, explaining how the Design Center can help a busy photographer please customers and grow their business. Anne joined H&H straight out of Western Illinois University, with a degree in Graphic Communication. For five years plus, she’s put her talents to work at the Design Center, under the creative direction of Christina Boda. With fellow designers Jason Scott and Katie Pope, Anne designs albums and other books, cards, flyers, prepaid envelopes, banners — whatever is next in the expanding line of H&H products.



Albums, a top product and first-class way to present your client’s story

Drop in on Anne, and there’s a good chance she’s fine-tuning a spread for a wedding or senior album. Albums are the Design Center’s top product, and they’re essential for wedding and senior photos or any treasured memories: a reunion, anniversary, new baby, sports event, bat mitzvah. You name it; Anne and team can design it.

Listen to Anne talk, and you’ll hear her enthusiasm for creative work and for turning smiles into repeat customers. Helping to keep it interesting, H&H is always expanding product options, adding new sizes and formats, paper stocks, and cover materials, everything from leather to acrylic, metal, or eclectic fabric with bling. Anne notes that one new product attracting lots of attention now is the Companion Mini book, launched in March.



Little books get big attention: Companion Mini and Accordion Mini

Next time you’re thinking about an album, explore adding Companion Mini-books or Accordion Minis.  Minis condense a handful of must-have photos into an irresistibly intimate size that’s also super affordable. Ranging from 10 to 40 pages, these make fantastic wedding gifts or premiums for marketing events — for anything, really. If you’re having an album designed, the Design Center can use it to create a Companion Mini, so no extra billing for a new layout. Minis are also available as a stand-alone product; Accordion Minis offer a fold-out format.



A streamlined album process

Album design takes about six days, starting with the customer choosing a basic style, from traditional to modern. The Design Center team is happy to answer questions about options and pricing. Customers submit high-resolution, color-corrected, uncropped images so designers can scale and crop to create compelling layouts. A wedding album typically has 16 to 80 images and a senior book, 30.

Speed and convenience are paramount, so the Design Center offers digital proofing through email. Photographers can comment, attach images, and forward the proof to their clients for review. Changes are usually few.

Design Center customers range from large wedding photography studios to startup photographers who find outsourcing design is a smart way to manage their time while offering professional products. Over the years, the entire process has become more and more streamlined for fast turnaround.

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Got a design project in the works?

Whatever the reason — whether you’re short on time or make better use of your talents behind a camera — Anne and the H&H graphic design team are here to help. Visit the website for service details and examples. The Design Center team is more than happy to help with your next project.










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