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This story was provided by artist and photographer Erin Hernandez-Reisner.

I began as an artist creating my own work and hanging that work on gallery walls to be sold. I never thought that I would do anything else. I loved being a fine art photographer, from the creative process, to shooting, printing, and finally displaying. To me the art wasn’t finished just because I took the photo, and that belief remains true today.

The night was cold and a blizzard spun the snow around our flat Kansas land. I remember driving slowly over a bridge, but still sliding across it because there was no such thing as slow enough. We pulled into the driveway just after midnight; I didn’t know if my heart was pounding because we safely had made it home or from the excitement of photographing my first wedding. It was January 2007. After the photos were delivered to the overjoyed couple, the wedding was published and winning accolades of excellence at WPPI. I went into what seemed like shock. I didn’t want to be just another portrait/wedding photographer, I was an artist and in the midst of what should be success I found myself lost. For weeks, as bridesmaids began booking their weddings and family portraits rolled in, I searched myself as an artist; I was determined to be different.  I decided that my job was to put museum quality art in people’s homes, art that moved and motivated them on a daily basis because the people in the pictures were the ones they loved the most. But in order for me to do that, I had to find the perfect item to print the photos on, because art isn’t art while on a hard drive. It’s something to be enjoyed everyday as the passers by live their lives, to be looked at, admired, and shared.

The world was moving towards digital fast. Facebook was out of its lawsuit and now open to the public – you no longer had to know someone who knew someone to be accepted into its addictive club. Myspace was still somewhere you wanted to be, and Twitter was created 10 months prior. Digital was on the rise so I gave my clients the images, however they wanted more. I wanted to give them more. It didn’t feel like real art until they hung it on their wall. So, the search for the perfect lab began. I found H&H Color Lab and they blew my mind with their color accuracy and the quality of the artistic products they produce. I was surprised to find how much they cared about my work as an artist, how much they wanted me to be as successful as they were. Jumping in, I ordered one of my favorite products: a hand stretched canvas gallery wrap. My clients immediately loved them.

I sell canvases by themselves as a single item and then also as groupings. I love everything about them. The print quality is out of this world and the color is sheer perfection. The canvas is finely woven and then perfectly stretched better than my paintings from my artistic days. But more than anything, when my clients pick up their canvas gallery wraps, that’s when I feel the most successful. Because I put museum quality art in people’s homes. Thank you H&H Color Lab for making it possible. Here are some of the ways that I use the canvas wraps in my studio: I sell not only art for people’s homes but their offices as well. Once business moms see how my office is set up, they deck out their own with photos of their children. All they need is to see what it would look like. So, make your office / meeting place a showroom. Try displaying canvases from H&H Color Lab and see how your sales increase just by giving your clients an example of what they can do.

Check their website for details about their Gallery Wraps.

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Gallery wrap photo prints

Gallery wrap photo printing 

Canvas gallery wrap prints

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Photographer Erin Hernandez-ReisnerPost provided by Erin Hernandez-Reisner, Photographic Artist & Owner of Photos Edge.

A Bit About Me:  I relate to all dreamers, choose to see the beauty in this world, and strive everyday to make real connections with my clients.

Belief: I hope to always inspire, motivate, and evoke confidence in other photographers because I believe that dreams, goals, and life are important.  No matter what we do or where we end up.

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