Sharon Jegen Retires After 30 years

photo lab sharonFor 44 years, caring customer service has been a foundation and building block at H&H Color Lab. Customer service comes from the heart of the people who work at H&H and for many years Sharon Jegen has exemplified that heart and soul of H&H in customer service. Her hard work and dedication to H&H, our customers and to our photographic industry has been long recognized with awards from many organizations and with great appreciation from all of us.

After 30 years of service with H&H, Sharon has decided the time has come for her to retire and to enjoy golfing and other fun stuff with her husband and family. We will miss her at H&H, but she has left a lasting legacy and teachings that will continue in the H&H Customer Service family and for that we are very grateful to Sharon.

photo lab sharonSharon at SYNC seniors with Michelle, Kim and Jeff

photo lab sharonSharon receiving the Stern Award from Kansas City PPA


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