Photo Lab Production Spotlight – Digital Cells

What is a digital cell?

If you place an order for 2-11×14 prints, mounted and coated, 48 sheet-cut wallets, 4 coated 8x10s and 2 5×10 image galleries, how many folks do you think will be touching your photo prints?  Someone needs to print them, and someone needs to mount them, and someone needs to coat them, and someone needs to sheet cut the wallets.  Someone needs to package them and verify that everything ordered is present and accounted for.  How many folks is that?

Here at H&H, it’s just one, thanks to digital cells.  In 1998, H&H began following lean manufacturing practices.  One result has been a reduction in the number of people who touch your order.  After the printer applies any necessary color corrections and prints your order, the assembly person gets the prints, completes all finishing services, and packages the order in preparation for shipping.

This greatly reduces the chance of print damage, and cuts service time down, as well.  If one person has everything they need, within reach, your order can be assembled more efficiently than if it were to travel between departments for each step.  This has resulted in great improvements in production.

In 1998, the photography lab’s numbers revealed a 94% accuracy rating on orders.  That’s right, 6% of all orders needed to be redone for one reason or another.  Today, our professional photo lab’s paccuracy rate stays above 98% consistently.  The most recent numbers show 98.7% of your orders are correct, the first time.  A big reason for this is something as basic as a digital cell.

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  1. Wow guys, that’s really amazing! At first I thought you were gonna say you setup robots or a huge machine with conveyor belts to move our images from one stage to the next. :) LOL. But glad it’s still a human (creates at least one more job in this country) and as you mentioned would enable one person to be in charge of each job, meaning less confusion between depts. and constant touch of the job’s progress from start to finish. Good work! Love everything about H&H. I couldn’t be happier with my lab. Keep it up! 😀

    Brian Hernandez
    Vizual Graphix Studio

  2. Thank you for the great updates from H&H. As Brian mentioned it is nice to know our jobs are cared for by a real person, start-finish. The insights into how you run your company are much appreciated.
    Best wishes,
    Michael Dunphy
    Avonlee Photography

  3. vernon chambers Picture This Digital Imaging says: - reply

    I KNEW there was a reason I’ve stayed with such a great custom lab!! That, coupled with your wonderful staff who is so helpful and personable, makes for a greatly successful relationship. Keep up the good work! And, God bless you, your business and your employees.

  4. bentley says: - reply

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