Merry Christmas from H&H Color Lab

It is probably true that this is the time of the year, more than any other time, that we stop to reflect on our core values. While we try to live those values all year around, it is good to take extra time during the holiday season to express those values to others…values such as love and appreciation through words and deeds. Our passion throughout the year has been to demonstrate in all we do, value to you and your business.

We believe there is no higher value to be found than in relationships…relationships with our God, our families, our friends and customers. Our wish for you, our family of customers, is all of God’s best in 2013.

H&H Color Lab Christmas Picture 2012

The H&H team From left to right:

First row:  Jeff, Kim, Anne, Amy, Sara, Julie, Ben

Second row:  Ginger, Shelley, Sylvia, Sharon, Shirley, Trish, Judy, Bethany, Rachel Victor, Michelle

Third Row:  David, Jim, Jason, Mike, Emily, Brian, Ron, Terry, Wayne, Kyle, Bentley, Shawn, Adena, Darla, Mary, Clark, Dona

H&H Color Lab

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