Yes, I realize that we are in the middle of a contest, but what could be more fun than to do a contest during a contest? Confused yet? Let me explain:

H&H is proud to sponsor Skip’s Summer School August 16-18, 2009, and our photo lab wants to give away scholarships for this event! These scholarships have a $279 value, and we are going to offer three people the opportunity to attend tuition-free!

Skip’s Summer School held in Las Vegas will be a fun and fast-paced event presented by 14 of some of today’s best marketers and photographers who are going to tell you “Just because the media keeps telling us it’s going to be a bad year, it doesn’t mean it has to be!” So, check your calendars, because this event is coming up fast! There are some great rates at the MGM, too!

Here’s how this will work: If you are not already registered for Skip’s Summer School, leave a comment here, telling us the first thing that comes to mind when I say, “Summer school.” There is no right or wrong answer here. Another thing that our photo lab won’t have is “judging” on this contest. Three people will be chosen randomly from the comments.

However, there are two important “rules” to this contest: 1) to be awarded a scholarship, you cannot already be registered at Skip’s Summer School and 2) you do NOT have to be an H&H customer to win, It is that simple!

So, if you want to attend Skip’s Summer School, leave a comment below! The deadline for comments is next Thursday, July 30 at midnight, and the randomly drawn winners will be announced the following day. So hurry!!

Good Luck!

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152 Responses to “Going Contest Crazy: Random Drawing for Skip’s Summer School Scholarship”

  1. Ok so the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words summer school is laying around the pool on a hot summers day watching the girls in skimpy bathing suits and sipping on a cold glass of ice tea and thinking, it sure is nice not to have to go to summer school.
    Now you have to relize that I have been out of school for about 120 years so I can hardly remember what school was any way and summer school, Forget about it.
    Actually this class sounds like exactly what I need and I am sorry to say that this is the first I have heard about it.

    So pick me, pick me


  2. I remember it as something my Ninth Grade Chemistry teacher would threaten me with.


  3. Humm as I ponder the words “summer school” all that comes to mind is sitting in a HOT (no air) classroom. For some reason I can not figure out why I’m here maybe because I got caught using my camera instead of hitting the books and my grades where well lets just say lacking flavor.
    So with that said, I say “pick me, pick me, I have charm and personality”.


  4. First thing is: “Awwww Maaaannnnnnn…. gotta go this SUmmmmmerrr?? Ruined vision of goofing off, all the $$$ I was going to make caddying at the Country Club, the stiffling still heat of sitting in UN-air-conditioned HS class rooms in NY (yes…NO air in 1968-72)…..and listening to the SAME briefed lectures about chemistry, coloidal bonding, etc……

    Wishing I’d gotten better “bribery pix” of the faculty while I worked the brief stint with the year book staff. ( I KNEW I’d never make it as a papparrazi (sp)).

  5. Summer school was something that you had to do if you didn’t keep your grades up! Later on however, in college I looked forward to summer school since the semester was so short it was usually a quick way to pick up some extra hours!

  6. Maaaaaaaath!

  7. Summer school………….loser.

  8. The old Mark Harmon movie with him drinking lots living on the beach and having to teach summer school to a bunch of Breakfast Club like misfits.

    Good movie.

  9. awwww…I know alot of these fine people……all whom deserve to go……good luck to us all!

  10. ROCK ON!!! Free is the best way to go for sure. Summer school? Not hardly…more like party in Vegas with the freakin’ best of the best. I have done WPPI for 5 years now and the plus classes with these guys for the last years in a row and I just WANT MORE. haha

  11. The pool, roller skating, and pizza.

  12. The beach! I spent three summers at the beach studying biology. Hard work, but at least I had a good tan!

  13. Summer School…A good way to get a hard class “out of the way”

  14. Summer School…not just a place to redo the work you should have done during the school year, it is also for those who plan ahead and want to get a head start on the following year. I tried to take classes that would help me down the road. The great thing about summer school is that you can knock out an entire semester in just a few short weeks.

  15. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear “Summer School” is thinking about some kid that couldn’t count (see below):

    “However, there are three important “rules” to this contest……1) to be awarded a scholarship, you cannot already be registered at Skip’s Summer School and 2) you do NOT have to be an H&H customer to win, It is that simple!”

    Three rules, but only “2″ listed – don’t be mad … just pick ME!!!!!!


  16. My first thought was, “Thank GOODNESS I didn’t teach Summer School this year!” I’m a full-time special education teacher and have taught summer school in the past, but decided to stay home with our daughter and do photography all summer instead! Yay!!! Then I thought of that movie mentioned above – with the guy living on the beach teaching summer school. Good times, good times. :)

    Good luck to all who enter! :)

  17. Definitely hated “summer school” if that’s what you would call taking summer college courses. Beautiful weather and I was stuck in a class rather than out photographing someone or something. But hey, I’ve got a Masters Degree out of it, so I guess it was worth it!! LOL

  18. Driver’s Ed (took it during summer school), a reason to get up before noon, and the chance to knock out a couple of credits so that I could start on my college courses earlier! Thanks for the opportunity to do this, and good luck to everyone entering!

  19. The first thing that comes to my mind is Mark Harmon from the movie “Summer school” in the 80′s. I loved being a child of the 80′s – such great movies during that time, especially for bad students!

    PICK ME!!!


  20. I think of how I used to laugh at all of my friends who had to go while I slept in!!!

  21. Hmmm…. My first thought for the phrase ‘Summer School’ is SKIP IT…do it right the first time so you can have fun all summer.

  22. Funny how accurate this statement is. I am teaching summer courses at the local community college. Going to “Skip’s Summer School” would allow me to do just that… skip summer school :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. I had to go to summer school once. It was horrible!!

  24. the 80′s movie Summer School starring Mark Harmon. LOL! :)

  25. I’m gonna be in trouble!!!!!

  26. The first thing that comes to mind when you said summer school is the day I walked out of Biology class (first mistake) only to have to take it again in summer school (even worse mistake). My instructor in both cases was the terrifying Mr Howard who never cracked a smile in his life.
    Needless to say, I survived the horror of summer school and would love to replace that memory with a better experience this summer….. thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  27. Study, Study, and Study… it will get you ahead in life… Love to learn something new…



  28. Kristin Crochet

    Summer School what’s that??? I liked my vacation too much to go to summer school, sleep late, sports, what else is there!!!

  29. Never had to take summer school in my high school years, but had to in my pursuit of higher education. In getting my Masters in Communication, many of the BEST classes were only offered during the summer…best teachers, best subjects, best times…so “summer school” invokes hot memories of hot classes and real, in-depth learning.

  30. A great learning opportunity! Oh….why am I here? Wasn’t I learning all year?

  31. Summer school was a great way to get some awful classes over quickly and make the next year lighter.

  32. Extra Credit

  33. Summer School – THE way to take a course that you didn’t have time for during the regular year, something fun you want to learn but that didn’t fit in your schedule . . . My favorite class was the course I took about the history of Spain from the time of the Moors in the 700s through the Inquisition, ending with Franco’s regime – IN Spain!
    Fingers crossed!

  34. I never “had” to take summer school in high school, so it wasn’t until my pursuit of higher education that “summer school” came into play. In completing a Master’s in Communication, it was BEST for me to go to summer school…BEST teachers, BEST subjects, BEST times…and it was always HOT! I have nothing but HOT memories of summer school!

    Good luck to all! I enjoy your comments!

    Jeff in Alaska

  35. las vegas in summer….. why not

    pick me!!!!!!

  36. The first word that comes to mind when I think of “Summer School” is FUN.

  37. Summer school, my experience was a little different for most. When I was 16 we lived on a lake and I was homeschooled. I wasn’t exactly the model student and by summertime was about 5 months behind on my workbooks. My mom threatened to not let me go to summer camp unless I finished the whole years work. So I tied a huge 6×8 foot float to the dock and did all the workbooks in a week (between flirting with the boys driving by on their jetski’s of course!) I finished just in time for camp and got a great tan to boot!

  38. summer school: First thing I think of is Punishment! It’s like taking away a kids vacation! LOL
    Send me to Las Vegas! I am in desperate need of some schooling! It would be like giving me a vacation!
    Thanks B&H

  39. Great! Get it done quickly, then enjoy the rest of the summer! :)

  40. The first that comes to mind is…I am going have “strangle” one of my kids (again) for having too much fun during the school year. Shortly thereafter, I regain my composure and remind myself that once he actually volunteered to take a class during the summer so he could have an extra study hall the next year. This somehow lets my mind to drift over to Mark Harmon’s movie, “Summer School”.

  41. When I think of summer school…I think of goofing off and enjoy all the arts and crafts projects from my grade school years!! Lots of fun. :)

  42. Would love to attend!!!

  43. Going to summer school reminds me that I can’t sleep in so maybe I’ll be a summer school drop out…

  44. In Greeley the University of Northern Colorado billed itself with “Summer School Where Summer’s Cool”–it worked great–if it hadn’t I never would have met Claudette.

  45. First thing that comes to mind is the fact that even though I was enrolled for summer classes in college I don’t think I ever actually attended them.

  46. College summer school meant that you could get the CORE classes completed so that you may concentrate on what you really wanted to study in the fall. Hot, yes, But the classrooms and library had air.

    Pick me. I used to be a “professional student”

    Ernest Lewis

  47. My first thought of “summer school” is thank G0d I no longer go to school. but going to school in the summer and learning about somthing I love ROCKS!! Especially if FREE!!!!

  48. “Summer School” I would rather be anywhere else!

  49. Summer School! Alright! I always wanted to go, but when I was coming up through school, it wasn’t a choice, and only kids who flunked a class could go. Now you can choose to go, how cool is that!


  50. Fernando Tobares

    No Fun, No Beach, No Fun…. BORING!! I’m sure Skip’s would be different, though ;)

  51. It has not been too long since I have been in a class room, almost 8 years I guess, but I would love to learn more. Self teaching is not always easy and finding friends that do the same thing is not always easy.

    I would love this opportunity!!!

  52. yo, yo, yo… :-)

  53. Summer school…hmmmm…I never went…BUT…I’d like to go to this one!!! Please pick me…I really want to go, learn more and mingle.


  54. Claudia Botterweg

    Music Camp! Intense!

  55. Deborah Winnett

    Summer school..Not in Vegas!!!
    All I can say is….”Pick Me!!”

    Good Luck everyone!!

  56. I never “had” to take summer school in high school, so it wasn’t until my pursuit of higher education that “summer school” came into play. In completing a Master’s in Communication, it was BEST for me to go to summer school…BEST teachers, BEST subjects, BEST times…and it was always HOT! I have nothing but HOT memories of summer school!

    Good luck to all! I enjoy your comments!

    Jeff in Alaska

  57. Summer School? Really? Why Me? My once very well thought out planned summer of complete laziness has just come to an abrupt end. Now what comes to mind are all of the days I will not be sitting by the pool, not going to the mall with my friends, and all the homework I am going to have to do!! Can I please go?


  58. If only it was that easy. Summer school what a breeze.

  59. The best Summer Schooling I ever received was in 10th grade when a new neighbor moved in next door. She was in 11th grade and boy did we have a great summer!

  60. Internet, internet, internet…….or Las Vegas would work too!!!! What an opportunity for three folks. Hope I can find enough pennies to find out what it’s all about, just in case one of the [b]LUCKY[/b] three is not me!!!!

  61. Summer school…my ticket to graduating high school in 3 yrs!

  62. Summer School – since it is 114+ in AZ, I think summer school would be a great idea…and much cooler! It is a way for me to get out of the heat and to revitilize my brain. A classroom of experts and talented colleagues…where do I register?

  63. Crickets churping, fireflys floating throught the air, the faint aroma of hickory on the fire, oh wait that was summer camp. summer school, only in college, than when everyone else was off to another bar i was off to cram for that am quiz.

  64. I never “had” to take summer school in high school, so it wasn’t until my pursuit of higher education that “summer school” came into play. In completing a Master’s in Communication, it was BEST for me to go to summer school…BEST teachers, BEST subjects, BEST times…and it was always HOT! I have nothing but HOT memories of summer school!

    Good luck to all! I enjoy your comments!

    Jeff in Alaska

  65. Summer school makes me think of being in trouble and having to sit indoors working while everyone else gets to play at the beach. Though I’ve never been to summer school, it actually has very positive benefits like getting ahead or being able to take additional classes. But the negative connotation still sticks. Miki in Maryland

  66. I never attended Summer School, but any school that pertains to photography and is in Las Vegas, has to be [u]Fantastic![/u]

  67. Thie first thing that comes in mind when I think of summer school is that the one time tht I had to do go was that the school had no A/C and we had the hottest start of summer in a long time. So all the kida and teachers where hot and sticky. So sticky that we were sticking to our chairs. ugh!

  68. They have school in the summer??

  69. Oh my gosh “summer school” my first thought is my son has to attend summer school due to unwise choices so he can graduate from high school in 2010 and getting him out of bed is like pulling teeth and I will be so glad when he is done with summer school and I would be so enternally grateful if you would randomly pick me so I can go learn more and get a break from the responsiblity of motherhood just for a little bit. Thanks

  70. Summer school to me is learning about all kinds of new ideas. A lot of people do not want to take summer school because they want to have that time off and just have fun, but I think that people who do summer school really reap the benefits. Summer school can be a lot of fun.

  71. Summer school— hmmm well i felt fortunate when I was in school that I never had to

    but… I am hoping for the opportunity to attend this Summer School!

    I live in MICHIGAN- do I need to say anything else??!! I need this class…but of

    Can’t afford to go! :(

  72. Summer school means – small class size, accelerated learning, getting ahead of the crowd, sitting next to people who are more interested in being a success than playing around, and learning how to identify opportunity.

  73. I would learn so much from Skip’s Summer School in Vegas that the old saying would not be true! “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” because I would be bringing back a lot of information on how to help my photography buisness!

  74. Summer School….a fun way to do it all over again!

  75. SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!

  76. Thank goodness I’m a straight A student! Wonder if Robert will be in school all summer?

  77. Maybe I should have let Cindy help me with Algebra!

  78. Never went, I tried to get it right the first time!,, didn’t sound like much fun

  79. I’ve only attended summer school once in college when I was trying to hurry up and graduate—-I liked it actually. It was a quick semester!

  80. Summer School…A funnier and easier way to do it all over again!

  81. Hot, dry dusty.

    Ok, I never went to summer school.

    But this is one summer school I would love to go to.

  82. Cruising along, taking extra exceptional care of all of my existing clients to maximize the revenues from the business that I DO have, I can still take a few days to hang out in Vegas and learn something!!

  83. The words “summer school” conjure up a feeling of horror! I also tend to threaten my 3 children with signing them up for summer school if they don’t behave. ;)

  84. Summer School – Wow! Summer School means you didn’t pay attention during the regular school year. Did they really think we would pay attention while everyone else was water skiing?

  85. I don’t know how I did it, but somehow I avoided Summer School! I always felt sorry for those that had to go. Good luck everyone!

  86. Just hearing those awful words “summer school” scared me as much as getting a death threat! I LOVED summer, no schedule, fun in the sun, hanging with my friends, family vacations..footloose and fancy free! No way did I want to miss out on that for SCHOOL!!! I was no brainiac but I made sure I never fell below the line….knowing there was a monster out there called summer school was motivation enough for me.

  87. Tamara Shurling

    Back when I was going to school summer school was for the “bad” kids, this summer school would be wonderful!

  88. The 90 degree weather with no air conditioning in July with a bunch of lazy good for nothing teenagers as classmates and teachers who would rather be somewhere else. Oh those would good old days in 1974.

  89. I have to connect everything to photography now. Summer school would have to be composed of fields of flowers, beaches and computers our on a screened porch. Let’s get creative and have a “lazy daze of summer” school. I’ll sign up!

  90. Loved summer school as a kid. My parents thought I was there and I had total freedom during school hours. Learned a lot of cool stuff.

  91. I only had one experience to remember of summer school. Driver Education !
    What great fun and humerous times. I had a friend that was a cheerleader and straight A student that was in class with me. When we drove around the parking lot at school, I could swear she was blind, because she would hit the curbs on the islands in the lots.We would roll from one side of the backseat to the other side snickering, and giggling the whole time.

  92. Summer School reminds me of my brother who had to take it year after year because he skipped so many classes.

  93. 7/25/2009 1:19:05 PM #

    ” Summer School ” I just found out about Skip’s Summer school. Who wants to go to summer school and Vegas at that. I thought I’m going to
    ………..Skip Summer School this year.


    I’d rather go to Educational Enhancement Session with Skip this Summer! and I have a place to stay there too!………. I need some new photo bubbles in my head.
    I really must need some sort of schooling, I couldn’t even get my email spelling correct. I nnnneeed skool please.

  94. Summer school, hell yes. Count me in.


  96. First thing that comes to my mind when I think summer school is continual learning and knowledge gain. So that we don’t lose what we know, and we expand and grow by learning more.

    It also reminds me of high school and hot class rooms, and those dang roofing people who just had to tar the roof while we were there. They about suffocated us with that stinky smell! That was disgusting. :-)

    And summer school, for me, was to get ahead on classes, have enough credits to graduate early, and keep my GPA at the top. That was the awesome part of summer school!

  97. Summer school… getting ahead? Or catching up?

    Seeing how I forgot to add my info…. I say I need SUMMER SCHOOL!!! :p

  98. I live in Vegas, sounds like fun!!!!

  99. summer School: “One time at band camp….”

  100. Having to go to school in the summer because you were a lazy bum during the school year.

  101. Summer school reminds me of at time I had to retake a class to bring up a grade!

  102. It’s time to go to summer school
    Remember what is and is not cool
    Oh summer school
    There’s a time and a place to act like a fool
    At summer school
    Get your ass to a beach or at least to a pool
    At summer school
    Remember what is and what is not cool

    Jimmy Buffett

  103. when i hear ‘summer school’ more than anything the phrase conjures up an attitude. a feeling of ‘kind of, sort of … let’s roll out of here and get an ice cold one.’ yes, it also implies learning but in a very relaxed low keyed manner. good tips and ideas, fresh and creative perspectives … yes yes yes … but i keep going back to an early bell to head out for a ice cold one — and that’s what ‘summer school’ means to me — Mary Kissel

  104. Summer school is the place you have to go when you didn’t “get” everything you needed to during the regular school year. I know they offer extra classes buts lets face it, you only go if you have to!

  105. I am looking forward to learning this summer.

  106. Summer School then, better in college than in high school. Hot classrooms, boring teachers, fast way to get through math. Summer School now, great resort, air condition classrooms, hip instructors, great new ideas. Take me to Vegas please!

  107. Luckily, I never had to go. Loved the movie!

  108. I think of hot classrooms, crabby teachers, and piles of books all while watching out the window at other kids playing in the sprinklers.

  109. 3 hours once a week with a terribly borring professor in college!

  110. The only thing I think of when someone says “summer school” is that I’m so glad I never had to go to Summer school, thank God. It’s been a very long time since I actually had a Summer vacation. I would really like the opportunity to go to Summer school in Las Vegas. I’ve never been to Vegas and it sounds like a very informative school that can really teach me a lot. Please pick me, I need to go to school.

  111. Hated it with a passion!

  112. Charles Nickolson

    Summer School…with Skip great.

  113. I never had the joy of going to summer school. However, my son just completed his PE credit in summer school rather than taking it through the year. We went bowling tonight and he showed me how to stack bowling balls one on top of the other. It was really cool! When I asked where did you learn to do that, he simply replied “summer school!” Not a career builder, but it made for a cool photo…. Thanks

  114. so should I pack a bathing suit ;)

  115. summer school- where you get to take the fun classes that are deemed unreasonable during the regular school year! My daughter has had the best time at summer school- why didn’t they have that when I was young???

  116. First time I’ve relished the idea of summer school, but sure hope you choose me!

  117. summer school=hot, sweaty, cant wait for recess

  118. Richard Radcliffe

    Since this is when I always got to take fun courses like swimming, photography, and art. I love summer school bring it on!!!

  119. Hot!Hot!Hot! :)

  120. Daniel J Rosenthal

    I think Skip-ping Summer School is a great idea.

  121. not something i would uaually say i would love to attend……….but then again this is no normal summer school. Sign me up baby!

  122. Sherri Jacobson

    Some er at school and some er at the pool. I will be beach side, resting my brain.

  123. Oh, when I think of summer school I think of sitting outside in my drivers ed class the summer before my junior year! We sat around and chatted about everything other than driving, and then teased each other for running over the orange cones during our three point turn attempts. That was the only summer school class I ever took. Fun memories! I’d love to take Skip’s Summer school class!

  124. I’m so cool,I need summer school! Then the pool! I’m no fool, I rule!

  125. Summer and School….. those are two words that should never be put together… Unless it involves photography and a good time in LasVegas

  126. Summer and School have always been two words that should not be put together…..Unless it involves photography and a good time in Vegas….THANKS.

  127. Summer School Again!
    Why is everybody always picking on me?

    Please do!

  128. Being a California Girl, I grew up on Santa Monica

    So in school, summer meant going to school with my beach bag,
    suntan lotion and of course, a boogie board and a camera. As soon
    as the noon bell rang, we were off on the Big Blue Bus to stake
    out our claim to the sand at Lifeguard Station 26 with a big beach
    towel until near sunset when we had to go home and prepare for
    a repeat the next day.

    Today, Station 26 is one of my favorite spots to take people to
    photograph them.

  129. Summer School?
    Hearing that reminds me of how one needs to be responsible for their actions and realize how lucky they are to get another chance!
    Summer school for me was making up two classes to graduate because I was having fun with my friends, dancing, partying, and whooooopppsss… fell off a table and cracked open my head. Missed weeks of school, had to repeat two classes and tuition…I’m still paying for it 5 years later!
    Please send me to summer school so I can erase this old memory, what’s left of it and replace it with words of wisdom from WPPI’s Greatests!

  130. When I was young…it made me think “Misery”.

    Now that I am older…it makes me think “Opportunity”.

  131. Nothing could be finer than Skip’s Summer School in Las Vegas. Please pinch cause I must be dreaming. Did I really win the scholarship? Wow! Skip Cohen, Tony Corbell and others icons of photography lecturing on how I can be a better photographer. All these great images are flowing around in head with Tony’s great lighting designs.
    Thank you for the scholarship; I want to thank my mother….and Skip’s Summer School.

    Excuse me, was I snoring too.

  132. I love School! Pick me!!!!!!

  133. I liked Summer skrool!. I need more edamacation two.

    Thank you.

  134. I’ve been to summer school, but I’ve never been to Vegas!

  135. You are so amazing to offer summer school for free! My first thought about summer school was watching my friends go and being thankful I didn’t have to!

  136. I was turning 15 in October and could get my license if I had drivers ed. had to take two courses so I took typing. Joe (full of hormones) and 19 girls. It was a great summer. I even got to lifeguard by taking the 3-closing shift. Could invite girls from the typing class and

    Vegas in August would be great.

  137. My future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades!!!!

  138. Carrie Ridenhour

    Summertime, my favorite season, taking awesome photographs of photogenic seniors and having a great time with my family on vacation!! Would love to come to Las Vegas to an awesome school!! PICK ME!!

  139. WOULD LOVE to go to Vegas and meet up with my working colleagues !

  140. Summer – school. These two words should never be used together! I was very fortunate to never have to go to summer school in elementary grades or high school. However, I chose to take summer school to get my Graphic Design degree sooner.

  141. The words “summer school” make me think immediately of realllllly hot classrooms. The A/C is never really working correctly during summer school is it?

    I can NOT even tell you how much I want to go… please pick me! I really need this!

    Thank you for the opportunity. :)


  142. wow, the one time i do something early it bites me in the butt! I am not eligible for the contest b/c I am already registered =0(

  143. Lemonade and sunglasses!

  144. I had failed my required 9th grade english class. However, they didn’t catch up with me until I had passed my 10th and 11th grade english classes. Rules being rules, they made me go to summer school to make up that 9th grade class. Needless to say I was way ahead of everyone else in that class. The teacher was amazing in her inappropriate attire (read: skimpy and bra-less) and she, along with all of the other students, thought I was a genius. So, needless to say, my one and only summer school experience wasn’t bad at all… though I would expect Skip’s to be the best ever!

  145. Amanda Thompson

    Makes me think of hot classrooms, snowcones, and swimming in a cool pool…

  146. Summer School, first thing that comes to mind -I hope there’s air conditioning!

  147. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Summer School:
    Flip-flops for class at UTSA & so happy classes were so much shorter in the summer!

  148. Summer school — A good way to get a class out of the way and take less credits during the year.

  149. Sitting at a desk – thinking “why in the heck did I go to summer school” when I could be outside doing something fun! ..but a least the term is short.

  150. Summer is it’s own type of school!

  151. What’s wrong with summer school? Nothing I say … Extra schooling to make me a better ME.

    Long hot summer days spent indoors with 14 marketing and photography geniuses! I want to go to Skip’s Summer School. It’s going to be FUN FUN FUN!

  152. Pick me pick me! Rachael I really want to go. Amy Bucher and I are going to roommate and it would be fantastic to win this too! BTW, you have some of my favorite speakers and I am jazzed about seeing them once again. h&H Rocks!


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