H&H Color Lab’s Faces Photography Contest!

Here at the Photo Lab, Jeff had a great idea for a contest, and I think today is a GREAT day for a contest!

We’ve probably all seen the current American Express ad campaign which shows inanimate objects with “faces.”  They show a purse with buttons and a zipper making up the face, they show a bike parked above a rounded curb, with the wheels making the eyes, etc.  You can view one of the commercials here, from YouTube.


Jeff captured this one recently with his iPhone:

photos of faces in nature

He noticed that the doors sort of made a face.  Are ya with me?  Good!

Email your “face” images to me at rachelf@hhcolorlab.com .  No logos or identifying info on the image, please.  When I post the results and images, I will credit you with it…or you can send one with your logo for posting, and one without the logo to keep our judges (employees) impartial.

You can enter as many as three images, and we’ll announce a winner next Friday.

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  1. Kim says: - reply

    Hi! Sounds like a fun contest? I was wondering if there was a prize involved?

  2. Yes, Kim. We’re going to do a prize. I wanted to choose something NOT involved with our current winter specials. How about a soft cover coffee table book?

  3. silvia bell says: - reply

    when is the contest over?

  4. Rachel says: - reply

    Silvia, gosh, I left out a few details, huh? We’ll take entries until Midnight CST on Wednesday, January 27.

  5. Sandy Allen says: - reply

    Okay, I may not win but you have prompted me to load up all those “someday maybe” picture I keep completely and totally unindexed. You know, the ones you take between sessions to try out a new lens, stopping the car for some ‘what-the-hey’ shots etc.

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