Coffee Table Photo Book Design Made Easy!

H&H's photo lab features coffee table photo books

There have been a LOT of requests for a design solution for coffee table books, other than Photoshop.  Pre-built templates, but with the ability to customize as needed and drag and drop capabilities were high on the list of requirements.

The solution has arrived, and is available for download from our photo lab’s website for FREE!  Simply log in with your user name and password, and then go to the “ordering software” page.  We think that you’ll find it to be very simple.

To prove that point, Jeff created a 2 minute video to show the process from beginning to end.  Wanna see?  Click the link below:

DigiLabs2.mp4 (2.45 mb)

Learn more about photo cover books from our photo lab today!


  1. Iris says: - reply

    Can’t view the video, but I will check out the templates. Thanks for making them available.

  2. Rachel says: - reply

    Iris, it opens in a new browser window. If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, it might keep it from opening. It will also be on our youtube channel shortly.

  3. johnna says: - reply

    Great! Thanks! Now how do i get the finished book design into EZsuite? I saw the “send to HH” button… is that all? And is there a way I can show customers the design online? Thanks!

  4. Jen Adams says: - reply

    Does it have hard pages? Or pages like a usual book that you can order from snapfish, mac, picaboo, ritz, etc… Like that you can enlarge and move around…

  5. Thanks so much! I’m going to have to try this out.

  6. Kim Cooley says: - reply

    One quick question – can this new software be used to design and order Black Tie Albums? Please let us know.

  7. I’m excited to try out the new software! Excellent music choice to show how FAST we can draft out an album and then make tweeking modifications!

  8. Rachel says: - reply

    Johnna, eZSuite is not involved. You upload directly from this software.

    Jen, it is not the hard pages.

    Kim, we are going to add albums to this software, but have not done so yet.

  9. We have used this and already received the book – it really looks good – BUT – program will not allow to save the pages as JPEGS. We would like to use the books on our website for samples. Also, in the past have had people want to have a large print of one page from our books – can’t do that with this program either.

  10. I love this but since there aren’t any real good senior ones, its kinda useless for me 🙁

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