The Connection Newsletter – September 2016


September 2016 This month we have lots of great specials, including 30% off many of our sample kits. Check out the details below in our specials section! This is a great time to stock up on product samples, so that you have the selling tools on hand when it comes time for your customers to make their final selections and purchases for the holiday season.

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25% off All Metals!

This sale is for two weeks only
Expires on September 17th

Our metal prints are absolute fan favorites! Our curved metal prints stand alone – no frame or easel needed. These are a perfect size and unique way to display your metal prints on a shelf, mantle or desktop. You can also use our fun designer shapes or flat prints to create your own unique look. Create dimension with optional float mounts. Finishes include brilliant, aluminessence or matte finish on select sizes.


More September Specials – expire on September 30th!

Don’t miss this great opportunity to purchase samples for holiday sales.

30% off Slim Wraps

30% off Fine Art Torn Edge Prints

Collages Image Galleries yearly plans for $125

30% off Holiday Card Sample Set

30% off Album Swatch Sample Box

30% off Jewelry Sample Sets

30% off Frame Sample Sets

Upcoming Specials


  • Cards
  • Leather Wrap Albums


  • Canvas Gallery Wraps
  • Jewelry

hhstudio Update

Look for a new hhstudio release this fall. This release will require a fresh install from our website and replace the existing version as soon as you finish the install. This version will include various upgrades and will deploy the version of Java that hhstudio requires. You may also notice slightly larger buttons as well as a sharper look and feel. Please look for the upgrade and install as soon as possible to receive the added benefits.

extended customer service hours

To help serve you better, we will have extended customer service phone hours through Christmas. Starting Tuesday, September 6th, our customer service phone hours will be 8:30 am-7:30 pm CST Monday-Thursday and 8:30-5:00 pm CST Friday.

Schools and Sports

School and Sports Resources

Schools Calendar

Sports Calendar

Classes/Events Calendar


Schools and Sports updates

We strive to bring rich, meaningful content for your studios to use. We are pleased to offer two meaty blogs related to best practices for schools and sports written by industry experts, Jeff Edwards and Jeff Gump.

School Photography in a Perfect World

Best Practices for Sports Volume Customers

Did you know…

  • Print sequence – Did you know that you can control the sequence of prints in the SSE print package envelope? We print and package your prints by the sequence your package is built in hhschools and eZsports. When ordered, the 8×10 or the 4×10 insert is placed in the front.
  • We are now banding all groups of envelopes for your convenience
  • All rectangular magnets now have square corners. Wallet magnets were round and other magnets were square…we now have standardized corners.

School and sports packaging options

We have added new black linen Portrait Package Window Envelope. This new window envelope is an upgraded and inexpensive way to differentiate the packaging and presentation of higher end volume seniors, dance school or volume event orders. The 70-pound matte black linen window envelope can be resealed and RTD labels can be added for easy identification. Another great packaging option for your SSE orders.

Portrait Window Envelope
Schools: free
Sports: $0.35 each

Black Linen Window Envelope
Schools: $0.25 each
Sports: $0.54 each

Clear Bags
Schools: $0.25 each
Sports: $0.54 each

New mobile prepay for schools, sports & event

Click here to see hhimagehost Prepay V2, our responsive design for mobile, table, and desktop.


Need ideas for Fall schools & sports products?

Click here to check out some of the latest products from H&H.



We pride ourselves in providing our customers not only with excellent products, but with great educational resources as well. Our blog features articles about equipment, lighting, advice from other professionals and all kinds of great photography tips. This is just one of the many ways that we provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed as professional photographers.

Essential Client Communication


Q&A with Collages team!

Q: Do you have an app to help me market my studio?

A: Yes – Digital Brag Books. But we took it a step further. Like similar apps, you can use it as a digital business card and to up sell your top packages. We’ve also included a cart for product sales. But what separates Collages digital brag book from all others is that you can sell the app as a product. A common way studios do this is to give the app to a client as a limited free trial with watermarks. Anyone who receives the app can then purchase the app with the watermarks removed. It’s the only app you can share and sell.

Images by Kia Bondurant Photography

Click here for more information about Collages, part of the H&H family of companies; Sign up for your free 30-day trial!

Employee Highlight

Meet Cora McThompson

Congratulations on 40 years of service!

Thank you Cora! We appreciate all that you do!

We are pleased to introduce Cora McThompson to you. She just celebrated her 40th anniversary at H&H! Cora began her career at the lab as a print artist. She now provides maintenance and facility care for the lab. She is one of longest term employees, and we want her to know how valued she is to us and how much she is appreciated!! She helps make our work environment special!

Click here to read the full article

On the Road Again…




September 10-12

Nashua, New Hampshire

Darty Hines


Focus Tour

September 13-17

Los Angeles

San Diego

San Francisco

William Innes

KPPA Fall Expo

September 25-26

Topeka, Kansas

Kirk Voclain

Photo Genesis

September 30-October 2

San Marcos, Texas

Dominique Harmon


Georgia Exposed

September 30-October 2

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Leigh and Scott LaForest

H&H Color Lab

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