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July 2016
Our 12 Days of Christmas in July Sale is coming soon! Be sure to take advantage of these amazing deals! Click here for all the details. Our staff wishes all of you a wonderful Independence Day as well! Our offices will be closed on Monday, July 4th, to allow our employees time with their families. Image by Karen Goforth

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12 Days of Christmas in July Sale!
A different product on sale each day–fill your bucket with some amazing deals. Sale runs July 18-29, 2016. Each product will be on sale beginning at 12:01 am until 11:59 pm,CST for one day only. To qualify for the product discount, you must order the product the day it is on sale. Please order in hhstudio, using the correct coupon code. The coupon code for the daily special will be displayed from 12:01 am through 11:59 pm each day on our website specials page.

Click here for more details.


Upcoming Specials 2016


25% off Framed Prints


25% off Metal Prints (September 1-17, 2016)

Schools and Sports

school and sports resources

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Introducing Image Level Knockout!


H&H has been working hard and we are excited to release the newest feature to our knockout service–image level knockout!

Image Level Knockout allows you to select which images you want to knockout and which images you do not want to knockout all within a single hhschools project.

This means, as an example, you can now include individual images shot on green screen that need to be knocked out along with classroom groups that are not shot on green screen, in the same order. With this new feature, the images can now be combined together into one project and be placed on a memory mate or in a single package.

With our new Image Level Knockout feature, you will save time and money by working in one project instead of creating two separate projects and placing two separate orders!

Upgrade to version 1.41.5 today!

To watch our tutorial on how to use this new feature, click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDIOS USING A NETWORK ENVIRONMENT: For those studios that use hhschools in a network environment meaning multiple workstations sharing the projects on a network, be sure to upgrade all versions of hhshools to the new release, version 1.41.5, before opening any of the networked projects. This will help workflow run correctly and smoothly.

New Pricing Decrease!

H&H has been investing in background knockout technology for a number of years now and we’ve been getting great feedback on H&H’s green screen knockout quality and turn around time. We’ve also been working on improving the knockout engine and the tools that help our team members review and repair the images as needed to improve the productivity of the system.

Because of these changes, we are pleased to be able to provide a PRICE DECREASE on our service for “Head & Shoulders to ¾ length knockout” Green screen KO, unlimited background replacement, and PNG download from $0.59 to $0.37 per image.

This new price takes effect on July 1st.

If you are considering photographing green screen, please remember that you must pre-qualify with H&H and this process takes approximately 3 weeks, so plan on doing your testing in July! Click here for more details or call customer service.

Background Knockout, unlimited background replacement and available PNG download.

Image Type:
Head & Shoulders to ¾ Length Knockout: $0.37
Full Length/Dance/Cap & Gown: $1.26
Green Clothing/Uniform/Prop Knockout: $1.26
Group (3+ Subjects) Knockout: $2.53
Knockout Cleanup (Per Minute): $0.75

Need some ideas for Fall schools and sports products?

Click here to check out some of the latest products from H&H.

photo lab newsletter

photo lab newsletter
We’ve taken a look at our ID card design and automation setup prices in the light of how our customers are actually using our design services and we have updated our pricing structure. This new pricing structure should represent a savings to most customers. Our hope is that by understanding this new structure you can make informed choices about what services are important to your schools and save you money.

We used to include ID card design and setup in the automation system in the ID cards setup price of $30. We found that many of our customers were sending us a psd file of the completed ID card design; and for other customers we found there was quite a bit of additional work when we were asked to do the design or modify the design of an ID card.

We are now separating out ID card design and ID card automation setup and also creating a reduced charge for additional background color change and/or year change.

ID card automation setup:
Studio provides the ID card in a psd design that matches our psd guides. H&H will setup the ID card in the automation system so when your hhschools order comes in, all of the images and data flow onto PVC or press printed ID cards

  • Setup Fee – $25 (New Lower price for customers supplying an already designed ID card file)

ID card design:
H&H design team designs the ID card from your specifications. Add this fee to the setup charge to calculate the total cost for design and set up.

  • 1-sided ID card design $25
  • 2 Sided ID card design $35

ID card background color and/or year change:
We also found that many customers only want an ID card background change or the static year to be updated. There has been no price break for these simplified changes. For this reason we are introducing a new service level for these very small changes to existing ID card designs.

  • Background and/or year change $15 (this represents a savings – in past these changes were made at the regular ID card setup price)


We pride ourselves in providing our customers not only with excellent products, but with great educational resources as well. Our blog features articles about equipment, lighting, advice from other professionals and all kinds of great photography tips. This is just one of the many ways that we provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed as professional photographers.


Putting Together a Sports Photographers Business Plan
february-2016-photo-lab-newsletter-4Are you ready to take your sports business to the next level? Are you ready to improve your sales, marketing, workflow, and photo day experience? Then this class is for you! Jeff Gump will walk you through putting together a simple business plan and provide invaluable tips that will take that next step in your sports business.
When: July 20-21, 2016
Where: H&H Color Lab-Raytown, MO
Fees: $250 plus $150 for each additional person from your studio. Fees include two full days of instruction, two lunches and a KC BBQ dinner!

Click here for all of the details of the class and to register! 

Dance Schools from A to Z
february-2016-photo-lab-newsletter-3Spend the day with Jeff Gump, John and Cindy LaBarge and your H&H staff learning everything you need to know about dance school photography!

Topics include:

  • Marketing trends
  • Finding the Business –it’s all about relationships
  • What Dance Studios want from the photographer?
  • Getting the Job
  • The photo shoot
  • H&H’s Dance School workflow that will save you time and money!
  • Delivery and Product discussion

When: July 22, 2016
Where: H&H Color Lab-Raytown, MO
Fees: $100 – Fees include lunch plus $75 for each additional person from your studio.

Click here for all of the details of the class and to register!

photo lab newsletter

Employee Highlight

Meet Brady Forston – Album Cover Specialist, H&H Cover Department

Did you know that all of our album covers are handcrafted one at a time, to your specifications, right here at H&H Color Lab, in Kansas City, Missouri? The very special members of our Cover Department are responsible for making each one of these beautiful album covers, along with our folio and accordion wallet covers, 3-ring binder covers , covered CD cases, and more! It is here that you will find our sewing machine humming, our scissors cutting, our presses working, and all our tools and equipment organized ready for work. The enthusiasm, thought and care of the team members in our Cover Department is evident in this interview and point to why H&H stands out for our quality products!

Click here to read the full article.

On the Road Again…



Putting together a Sports Business Plan

July 20-21, 2016
H&H Color Lab
Kansas City, Missouri

Jeff Gump

Dance Schools A-Z

July 22, 2016
H&H Color Lab
Kansas City, Missouri

Jeff Gump
John and Cindy LaBarge

H&H Color Lab

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