“The Connection” Newsletter – January 2016

photo lab newsletter deals specials and coupons january 2016

January 2016 Happy New Year! The new year is a great time to take stock of your business, and tweak your marketing and sales plans. Stock up on sample albums and sample photographic pano books to prepare for your spring season! Check out our specials for the next few months, and take advantage of our huge sample sale.  Customers WILL order more when they can see examples of albums and products.

We also have many educational opportunities at conventions this year.

Please see the full line-up at the bottom of our newsletter in the “On the Road” section. We will see you soon at Imaging USA!

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50% off Sample Albums 
Does not include photographic pano albums

Click here for more information


50% off Sample Photographic Pano Books 

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50% off Companion Mini Books
50% off Album Swatch Sample Boxes

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Upcoming Specials 2016


  • 50% off sample albums (does not include photographic pano albums)
  • 50% off sample photographic pano books
  • 50% off leather swatch samples
  • 2 for 1 print special

  • 50% off sample albums(does not include photographic pano albums)
  • 50% off sample photographic pano books
  • 25% off USB Drives and Boxes vintage and metal
  • 2 for 1 print special

New Products

New Earrings

Rebecca Crystal Bead Wire Earrings

Sterling silver wire earrings with Swarovski crystal bead. Displays one photo on each earring. $25.00/pair

Rebecca Hammered Circle Post Earrings

Bright and contemporary sterling-silver hammered circle post earrings with half-inch pendant. Displays one photo on each earring. $32.00/pair

NEW Foil Cards in Designer Shapes and Folded Card Styles!
Enhance your card offerings with H&H Color Lab’s new Foil Press options! Seven foil colors are now available for many shapes and sizes of their popular press cards, including folded cards. Set your design apart and prepare to impress your customers with this bright, classy option. H&H Color Lab also offers optional foil-lined envelopes in red, gold and silver.

Coming Soon – Watch for our new foil card design themes – Thank You, Confetti, Grad

Click here for more details about our NEW Foil Cards

NEW Marketing and Sales section on our website under STUDIO
1-16-photo-lab-8A new Marketing & Sales section under Studio has been created on the website. Several items have been moved into this section, including the Album Swatch Sample Box, Frame Sample Sets, Holiday Card Sample Sets and Jewelry Sample Sets. This will be a quick and easy reference for customers to find any and all sales sets for studio products.

Album Swatch Sample Box–50% off in January 
Simply go to “Order Supplies” under our Support tab on the website and order your non-branded Album Swatch Sample box today. Housed in a natural, fabric covered box with magnetic closure and organized for each cover type, our new Swatch Sample box is super easy to use. It includes three inch square samples of our leathers, faux leathers and fabrics. This gives your customers all the information they need to make the best choice for their album cover!

Click here for NEW Marketing & Sales section

Click here for more information about the Album Swatch Sample

Exciting plans for the coming year related to our products!
1-16-photo-lab-9We want to thank you for your trust and business in 2015 – we are looking forward to 2016 and have lots of exciting things planned for this coming year.

We continually review our services and product lines, in order to keep updated and fresh. Be sure to watch our emails and newsletters as we continue to roll out updates and changes throughout the year.  Here are a few items to be aware of coming soon:

We will soon be retiring the following products and services:

  • Texture Coating – (achieve the same look by ordering Pebble Texture with lustre coating)
  • Hannah Magnetic Locket Necklace (watch for new jewelry items to be released in 2016)

If you plan to be at Imaging this year, be sure to stop by our booth to see our gorgeous new leathers and covers we are introducing. Our spectacular albums are handcrafted, made-to-order and the best value in town! You have to see them to appreciate their beauty, quality and value. Besides the new beautiful album covers, here are some of the changes in our album line to watch for in 2016:

  • New organization in our hhstudio ordering software of Albums, Books, and Photographic Pano Books
  • Eclectic Fashion Album Covers will soon be named Fabric Album Covers (for simplicity!)
  • Photographic Pano Album Prices will soon be reduced!
  • Python Leather Album Covers – will be retired
  • Eclectic Fabric Album Covers – The following cover choices will be retired: Ivory Ribbon, Pink Rosettes, Sequins Gold, Sequins Silver, Brown Spotted Chenille, Champagne Dupioni Silk
  • Introduction of a new multi-image cameo
  • Imprinting – Watch for announcement of additional font sizes

Price Changes Effective January 1, 2016:

Price Reduction: Album Cameo – Now $15

Poly bag packaging:
RTD bag $0.35
Bulk bag from $0.19

SSE Banners:

Width height 2016 SSE price
1 1.5 $9.79
2 2 $9.79
2 3 $14.69
2 4 $19.58
2 5 $24.48
2 6 $29.38
3 4 $29.38
3 6 $44.06
3 8 $58.75
4 4 $39.17
4 6 $58.75
4 8 $78.34

Price Changes Effective February 1, 2016:

Framed Torn Edge Prints:
7×7         $108
10×10    $125
10×16    $146.50
Trio        $165.00

Cable Link Charm Bracelet: $40

Plaques: ordered in hhschools and eZsports
5×7 plaque          $7.15
8×10 plaque        $10.85

Banners: There will also be a small increase in banners ordered “by-the-inch” in hhstudio.
12×18    $12
24×48    $30.50
4’x8′      $109.98

Automated composites:
Batch cc                Individual cc
6×8                         $0.74                     $0.89
8×10                       $1.14                     $1.48

NEW Linen-textured album covers now available-variety of colors! 
We have added several new selections to our Linen texture cover options. We are now featuring our natural, organic Heather as well as Navy Blue, Rich Brown, Soft Green and Soft Lavender in linen textures!

Our new frames are now available in ProSelect 
1-16-photo-lab-11We are excited to announce that our new frames are now available in ProSelect. Click here to download.

Many older frames will be discontinued 

NOTE: As new frames are added, older frames will be retired – be sure to check our website for the current selections available. We have retired A1, A2, A5, A6, A9,  B1, B4, B7,  C1, C2, C3, C4, C6, C9, D1, D2, D4, D6 and D8. For your planning purposes, frames numbered 20 and below will be phased out as inventory is depleted. 


Schools and Sports

school and sports resources

1-16-photo-lab-12 1-16-photo-lab-13 1-16-photo-lab-14





Notice: eZevent discontinued as of December 31, 2015
1-16-photo-lab-15eZevent orders are no longer able to be ingested into the production system. As of January 1, 2016, you will need to create all orders in hhschools software. Please update to hhschools to avoid delays in creating your order.

Click here to download hhschools for Windows

Click here to download hhschools for Mac



We pride ourselves in providing our customers not only with excellent products, but with great educational resources as well. Our blog features articles about equipment, lighting, advice from other professionals and all kinds of great photography tips. This is just one of the many ways that we provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed as professional photographers.


Announcing Classes at H&H Color Lab in 2016
1-16-photo-lab-16If you are NOT moving forward, you are moving backwards is the mantra for continuous improvement. Our goal is to help you grow personally and professionally so you will run profitable, successful businesses! With this goal in mind, excitement is building about all of the education opportunities for photographers in 2016. We are working with many speakers, organizations and groups to continue our support of photography education throughout the industry.

We know everyone is planning for next year so we would like to announce the classes that will be held at H&H in 2016.

  • Family Portrait Program – February 29th; 8:30-11:30 am (this class is included in the Schools 201 admission)
  • Schools 201 – February 29-March 2
  • Schools 101 – June 21-23
  • Putting together a Sport Photographers Business Plan – July 20-21
  • Dance Schools from A to Z – July 22

Questions please email Amy Drum at haubdrum@hhcolorlab.com.

Schools 201
1-16-photo-lab-17You are invited to attend a master’s level workshop designed to grow your school business! This class focuses on getting more schools, increasing your sales, and scaling your business. The hands on portion of the class will include role playing different sales scenarios, a frank discussion with a local principal and the ultimate flyer challenge!

It is recommended that studios have ten or more school contracts and have two years of school photography under their belt!

When: February 29-March 2, 2016
Where: H&H Color Lab-Raytown, MO
Fees: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL-$225 until January 18, 2016 and $150 for each additional from your studio. Fees include three full days of instruction, three lunches and one dinner.

Click here for all of the details of the class and to register!

Fundy Webinar with H&H Color Lab: Featuring Gallery Designer — Thursday, January 28th–12:00-1:00 p.m. CST
Join award-winning photographer, William Innes, and Founder of Fundy Software, Andrew Funderburg as they show you how to quickly and easily sell more wall art to your clients using Gallery Designer. Boost in-studio sales and have happier clients with this dynamic sales tool. Members of H&H staff will also be available to answer questions during the webinar.

When: January 28th, 12:00-1:00 p.m. CST
Where: Webinar
Fees: FREE!

Look for more information in the weeks to come regarding registration for this event!


On the Road Again…

1-16-photo-lab-21 1-16-photo-lab-20 1-16-photo-lab-19

Imaging USA

January 7-9, 2016

January 10-12, 2016
Georgia World
Conference Center
Atlanta, Georgia

Pre Conference:

Steve Kozak
January 7,8, 2016
9:00 AM- 5:00  PM

Secrets to Success When Turning Pro

Kevin Hudson
January 9, 2016
9:00 AM- 6:00  PM

Lighting & Posing That Rocks

Jeff Edwards
January 9, 2016
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Taking The Mystery Out of School Pictures


Rebecca & Jason Weaver January 10, 2016
6:45 – 8:00 PM
Blitz: Creating The Ultimate Studio Playbook

Blair Phillips
January 11, 2016
5:00-6:15 PM
Success Is Right In Front Of You
Trish Logan
January 11, 2016
5:00-6:15 PM 
School Photography –
Bringing The Big Guns To Your Business

Ty Fischer
January 12, 2016
8:00 – 9:30 AM
High End Sports Composites In A Volume World

Imaging USA

H&H Learning Lounge
Room GWCC A303:

Please note schedule changes

Anne Bonebrake

January 10, 2016
1:00-2:00 PM

How to Design Awesome Cards and Albums

Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg

January 10, 2016
2:15-2:45 PM 

Be More Fulfilled Shooting for the Story

Georgia McCabe

January 10, 2016
3:00 – 4:00 PM

Key To The Kingdom –
Unlock New Marketing Techniques for All Generations

Jason & Rebecca Weaver
January 11, 2016
1:00 – 2:00 PM
Family Portrait Program

William Innes
January 11, 2016
4:00-5:00 PM
Travel Photography for Profit

Trish Logan 

January 12, 2016
1:00-2:00 PM

Brand Your Studio
Jeff Gump

January 12 2016
2:30-3:30 PM
Use Banners to Grow Your Sales


January 25-28, 2016Wyndham Hotel
Orlando, Florida

 Ty Fischer
January 25, 2016
12:30 – 1:30 PM/
continues 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Only The Strong &
Creative Survive

Jeff Gump
January 26, 2015
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
High School Banners – Jump Into The Spotlight

January 28 – 31, 2016

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ty Fischer
January 28, 2016
10:30 AM – Noon /
demo 3:30 – 4:45 PM

Efficient Team & Volume Sports Systems

Jeff Gump
January 29, 2016
9:45 – 11:15 AM
High School Banners – Jump Into The Spotlight

Rebecca & Jason Weaver
January 29, 2016

1:45 – 2:30 PM
Keeping Your Accounts

H&H Color Lab

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