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October Specials  Holiday Ornaments
ASMP Green Screen Info
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October Special – 25% Off All CardsSpecials

  • Includes: 2-Sided Cards, Accordion Cards, Business Cards, Designer Cards, Embossed Cards, Folded Cards, Gift Cards, Layered Cards, Mini Cards, Side Show Cards, Slimline Cards, Template Cards, Tri-fold Cards, Wide Wallets
  • Order through eZsuite
  • Coupon Code: Cards13
It is easy to start showing Holiday cards to your customers by ordering our Card Sample Pack.  Our Card Sample Pack contains predesigned cards in a selection of all papers and are designed with the free templates that we offer.  Best of all, these sample packs are 25% off during the month of October.  Order through Supplies.  They do not require a coupon code-your 25% discount will be reflected on your invoice.

Perfect Timing!


H&H Cards are known for their rich paper quality, great colors, unique sizes and shapes!  The October special – 25% off all cards – includes all cards.


Cards can build your business when you use great designs and great images! Here are some ideas to get you started:


  • Offer a Holiday Card Special – Offer a 30 minute session for a reduced sitting fee. Have a small selection of card styles and designs to offer (of course, along with other gift items and portraits) – The objective is to add sales dollars to your bottom line, with the bonus of exposing your work as the holiday cards are mailed and shown throughout your community.
  • Target your highest sales customers from the year and give them a GIFT CARD for a free session as your holiday gift.
  • Offer a Holiday Card Special to previous clients using work you have completed throughout the year. This again gets your work out there, but it is pure profit as the work is basically done!
  • Have card samples on display in your studio – always!
  • Use the H&H FREE design templates to make your work easy!
  • Be sure to include your logo, website and phone number on the back of every card!

New Holiday Ornaments Available!

Once again this year, H&H is adding new ornaments to our already extensive line of ornaments!

  • Metals – We have added a bell and a tree to our existing metals – creating a total of 6 metal ornaments in a variety of shapes to choose from! The metal ornaments sell for $12.00 each, and  you can print on both sides of the ornament!
  • Porcelain – We have added a 4×4 inch porcelain star to join the round porcelain ornament! The porcelain ornaments sell for $9.98 each.  This very popular ornament style allows for single side printing.

We have also added two new FREE template designs for our ornament collection for 2014. Both the metal and the porcelain ornaments have downloadable templates that make the design process a breeze!


The H&H holiday ornaments provide you the opportunity to build “lifetime clients”.

Some marketing thought starters:

  • When packaging large orders during the Holiday Season, consider adding an ornament as a “bonus item” – taking an image from the session and using it as a gift tag on the packaging. The order should be a larger order so that the profit margin is not negatively impacted by a $10.00 reduction (your cost of the ornament).
  • Have an ornament sale. Provide a special to clients that had their portrait created in the last year.  Not only does this create more sales for you, but the work is already done!
  • Hold an ornament/card special day – book 15 minutes sessions at a reduced rate and offer cards and ornaments in addition to other holiday products as an outcome of those sessions.
  • Ornaments are a marketing vehicle you can use in a variety of ways to get your work seen in the community!

H&H has more ornaments to choose from including pewter and acrylic too – be sure to explore all the options and start building your “lifetime clients.”


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Join ASMP of Kansas City For

Canon Explorer of Light – Gregory Heisler


Join H&H at this event-it is open to members and non-members

Event Details:

Date: Nov 5th

6:00PM Social Hour

7:00PM to 9:00PM Event

Location: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Atkins Auditorium

Get more details and sign up today.


GreenScreenGreen Screen Changes
We want to update everyone that green screen knockout fees are subject to change after image review.  All images come in with head & shoulders pricing, but can change after they are reviewed. We have also expanded our description of what falls under the pricing categories. Cap & gown, green clothing, green uniforms and green props are all priced out at $1.26. Below is breakdown of the complete green screen knockout pricing structure:


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Attention all Sports Photographers:

A Sports Pre-Pay Flyer Update

H&H now has available the Photoshop version of the file for download.  If you want to make a small tweaks to our current sports pre-pay flyer you can now do that in Photoshop AND InDesign!
This month’s segment is “Family Garden Portraits” featuring Drake Busath.   During this video segment, Drake works in one of the lovely gardens at the Busath Studio with a young family of four. Follow along as he poses the family, talks about the process and explains, in detail, his lighting setup, aperture settings and reflector positions. He starts with the entire family unit and then photographs just Mom and Dad and finally each of the children individually to create a variety of portraits.”

Web WebWednesdayWednesdays


Be sure to check our October Web Classes. View our entire class schedule and sign up now to attend or just to receive the recorded video!


ROADHittin’ the Road!

Here is where we’ll be next month.  Please come by and see us when we’re in your area!


Ohio Photo University

Columbus, OH – Embassy Suites

November 2-4, 2013

Terry Dunlap – November 3 – 9:00 – 11:30 AM

From Sports to Seniors


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