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12 Days of Christmas Christmas Orders
Holiday Cards Holiday Ornaments
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The 12 Days of ChristmasSpecials

Back by popular demand, it’s our 12 Days of Christmas Sale!  It is 12 days, 12 products, 12 opportunities to save!  Beginning November 13, 2013, a selected product will be on sale for a 24-hour period.

Each product will be on sale beginning at 12:01 am until 11:59 pm, CST, for one day only.  Check out our website for more detailed information.

To qualify for the product discount, you MUST order the product the day it’s on sale.  It must also be ordered in eZsuite using the correct coupon code at the time of placing your order.  Each day, go to to access the coupon code for the product of the day.

 12 Days of Christmas Sale_products


Christmas Order Information

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and to get a jump start, we want to make you aware of a few product cutoffs we will have to ensure your clients receive their products in time for the holidays.

All products will continue to be produced and shipped in normal service time throughout the holiday season. 

We have received information from our shipping carrier with their guaranteed ground shipping holiday cutoff times.  Based on those dates, we have listed the following product due dates for ground Christmas delivery.  These orders need to arrive at H&H by 9:00 am CST on the dates listed below for guaranteed GROUND shipping.   If you submit orders for these products after the posted cutoff dates, you will need to request upgraded shipping (customer paid) through customer service to assure delivery for Christmas.

December 5, 2013 – Albums with printed leather, premium leather, embossed exotic, distressed leather, acrylic or metal covers, leather and fabric accessories

December 17, 2013 – Photographic cover, genuine leather cover, and economy albums, image block wraps and framed prints

December 18, 2013 – Banners and wall clings

If you are using our design/print/bind service for albums, the following dates apply for design approval:

November 21, 2013 – Design form and images must be submitted if your album will have Premium Leather, Printed Leather, Embossed Exotics, Distressed Leather, Acrylic or Metal album covers

December 3, 2013 – Design form and images must be submitted if your album will have a Photographic, Genuine Leather, or Economy cover

December 4, 2013 – Designs must be approved if your album will have Premium Leather, Printed Leather, Embossed Exotics, Distressed Leather, Acrylic or Metal album coversDecember 16, 2013 – Designs must be approved if your albums will have a Photographic, Genuine Leather, or Economy cover

Be sure to call customer service with any questions regarding this information.


Holiday Cards

H&H Cards are known for their rich paper quality, great colors, unique sizes and shapes!

Cards can build your business when you use great designs and great images! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Offer a Holiday Card Special – Offer a 30 minute session for a reduced sitting fee. Have a small selection of card styles and designs to offer (of course, along with other gift items and portraits) – The objective is to add sales dollars to your bottom line, with the bonus of exposing your work as the holiday cards are mailed and shown throughout your community.
  • Target your highest sales customers from the year and give them a GIFT CARD for a free session as your holiday gift.
  • Offer a Holiday Card Special to previous clients using work you have completed throughout the year. This again gets your work out there, but it is pure profit as the work is basically done!
  • Have card samples on display in your studio – always!
  • Be sure to include your logo, website and phone number on the back of every card!

 Holiday Ornaments

Once again this year, H&H is adding new ornaments to our already extensive line of ornaments!

  • Metals – We have added a bell and a tree shaped ornament to our existing offerings – creating a total of 6 metal ornaments in a variety of shapes to choose from! The metal ornaments sell for $12.00 each, and you can have a different image on each side!
  • Porcelain – We have added a 4×4 inch porcelain star to join the round porcelain ornament! The porcelain ornaments sell for $9.98 each.  This very popular ornament style allows for single side printing.

We have also added two new FREE template designs for our 2014 ornament collection. Both the metal and the porcelain ornaments have downloadable templates that make the design process a breeze!

The H&H holiday ornaments provide you the opportunity to build “lifetime clients”.

Some marketing thought starters:

  • When packaging large orders during the Holiday Season, consider adding an ornament as a “bonus item” – taking an image from the session and using it as a gift tag on the packaging. The order should be a larger order so that the profit margin is not negatively impacted by a $10.00 reduction (your cost of the ornament).
  • Have an ornament sale. Provide a special to clients that had their portrait created in the last year.  Not only does this create more sales for you, but the work is already done!
  • Hold an ornament/card special day – book 15 minute sessions at a reduced rate and offer cards and ornaments in addition to other holiday products as an outcome of those sessions.
  • Ornaments are a marketing vehicle you can use in a variety of ways to get your work seen in the community!

H&H has more ornaments to choose from, including pewter and acrylic – be sure to explore all the options and start building your “lifetime clients.”

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Web WebWednesdayWednesdays

Only two more web classes this year!

The last two web classes for 2013 cover the 12 days of Christmas Sale and Georgia McCabe will teach us about a new Facebook marketing tool.

We will take a break for the Christmas season, but know we will return in January 2014, with more education and networking opportunities along with a few changes, too!

In the meantime, we have HOURS of videos on our website for you to view at any time. If you need inspiration, our inspire section is just a click away. Software, products, workflow, sales and marketing videos are available 24/7 on our website- Check them out!


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