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New Products May Specials
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New PrNewProductsoducts!
We are excited to announce several new products that have been released recently in our newest eZsuite updates. Check out these new products!   
Fine Art Torn Edge Printsnew photo lab products

This beautiful print on watercolor paper has torn edges that transforms your work into a piece of art. Give a special upgraded feel with the sophisticated look of a fine art print for weddings, seniors, children and portraits. This piece has a place in your product line. Another high quality innovative product from H&H Color Lab.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 8×8 image on a 10×10 print and 8×14 image on a 10×16 print
  • Printed on fine art watercolor paper
  • Hand torn edges
  • Order in eZsuite

3-Ring Binders

This custom designed presentation binder is an attention grabber!3-ring binders for photographers

It makes a personalized product for students of all ages, sales presentations, marketing portfolios and more! Making a sales presentation to a little league, dance studio or even a school? This 3-ring binder is an impressive “leave-behind” that will make your presentation memorable.

It is created with a wrap-around photo cover, complete with a magnetic closure, and allows you to custom design for the most impact.

  • Available in 2 sizes – 10×11.5 and 14×11.5
  • Printed on Pearl photographic paper
  • Binder edge has overlapping magnetic closure tabs
  • Order in eZsuite

Designer Metals

Metals prints - Designer Metal prints

Our designer metal collection now gives you the opportunity to take metals to another level!


Use our fun shapes and sizes to create your own unique look using options to drill holes for hanging with chain, or your own ribbon; create dimension with stand-out mounting blocks; or choose our unique float frame that features our teardrop or pillow shaped metals float mounted on top of another framed square print!

  • Circle available in 8×8, 11×11, 16×16, and 20×20
  • Pillow available in 8×8 and 12×12
  • Posh available in 8×11, 11×15.5, and 15.5×22
  • Teardrop available in 8×8, 8×10, 11×14, and 12×12
  • Order in eZsuite

New album cover options

Embossed exotic custom albums covers include the chic and popular patterns of

croc, ostrich and python in a wide array of fashion colors. These single-piece covers are so gorgeous, you will find it hard to decide which color or material you like best!photo albums for photographers
  • Available in 21 sizes
  • Each album is individually handcrafted
  • One piece album cover construction
  • Pages in your choice of luster, pearl, or luxe photographic paper
  • See below for more information on our album cover changes
MaySpecials Specials!
Specials expire May 31  

Photographic Pano Books – 50% off 

If you haven’t tried the new photographic pano book, now is the perfect time. During the month of May, all Photographic Pano Books are 50% off!   What is a photographic pano book, you ask?

  • It features full panorama photographic pages and continuous bindingpanoramic photo albums for photographers
  • It is aggressively priced – upgrade from a lay-flat coffee table book while you achieve quality photographic printing of an album
  • There is no lost image due to binding an no cracking or bruising at the fold

The H&H Photographic Pano Book is a perfect niche for:

  • Parents Book – design an album for the bride and use the same design for a less expensive, hard cover, full pano photographic parents book
  • Seniors – a perfect solution when you want something more than a lay-flat coffee table book, at significantly lower cost than an album
  • Families – when your photography features broad panoramic images or large family groups, you don’t have to worry about what part of the image will fall at the center seam
  • Boudoir – These beautiful, rich color books are excellent for high quality pano boudoir books

Order using eZsuite

Coupon Code: MayPanoBook

Metals prints - Designer MetalsDesigner Metals – Buy one, get one free  

  • Introducing our newest addition to our metal collection! Take your metals to another level and use our new shapes and sizes to create a fun look to this unique product!
  • Must be same size and shape
  • Order using eZsuite
  • Coupon Code: DesignerMetals


 Designer Cards – 25% off Designer photo Cards

  • This special comes at a perfect time for graduation and summer weddings! Use them for invitations, announcements, save the date, and thank you cards.
  • Order using eZsuite
  • Coupon Code: MayDesignerCards

iphone cases for photographersiPhone Cases   – 35% off

  • These iPhone cases are really fun and affordable! They make a perfect product for your senior ambassador program, new moms, and family portraits. Everyone will be asking where they can get one, too!
  • Order using eZsuite
  • Coupon code: MayiPhone

Skinny & Square Minis – Buy one, get one free  

  • These make perfect marketing cards for you to leave around town; advertise your on-line salesphoto printsaddress; offer to seniors for announcement enclosures; senior ambassador programs; for a bride to show off all her engagement and bridal images by spreading around the reception room tables.
  • Buy 100 Skinny Minis, get 100 free
  • Buy 120 Square Minis, get 120 free
  • Order using eZsuite
  • Coupon code: MayMini
FutureSpecialsUpcoming Specials!

For your planning, here is our upcoming eZsuite print special schedule.  These are some of our tried and true customer favorites!  These are posted on our home page with details of our offers.  But our specials will not be just limited to these products!  Be sure to check our web site and emails for new product introductory offers and other seasonal and convention specials!  Now is the time to update your studio samples.


Slim Wraps – 25% off

Coffee Table Books – 30% off

Skinny Minis and Square Minis – buy one set, get one free


DVD Cases – 50% off

Albums – 25% off

Frames – 30% off


Gallery Wraps – 25% off

Photographic Pano Books – 30% off

iPhone Case – 35% off

H&H Color Lab’s CommissionSports Photography Commission Replacement Program  
H&H wants to help photographers be more competitive, save money, and sell more. We think ourCommission Replacement Program can do just that!!  It is a win/win program for sports photographers and the sports organization.  Here is how it works:The Concept:Commission replacement provides the sports league an opportunity to make extra money through a “cash and carry” fundraising event, where the photographer offers the league a photographic product to sell.

How does it work?

The idea of commission replacement is to offer a set of “discounted” products that will cost the photographer less out-of-pocket than the commission he is paying to a league, booster club, or athletic director.  The five commission products H&H is offering in this program have a perceived value of $7 to $10 dollars to the public, but H&H only charges the photographer $1 each.  The league is responsible for choosing one product, pricing it and selling it at the game/event.  The photographer is responsible for ordering one commission product for each photographed athlete for the league to sell on site during a game/event.

How will it help me?

This example will demonstrate the potential, in real dollars, of how much money you can save and how much more money the league can potentially make.

Comparison Example: 500 photographed athletes in program

Traditional Commission Program:

  • Photographer gives the league $2 for each  A,B,C package sold
  • If there are 400 buyers (times $2 each), the photographer would pay a commission of $800 tothe league

H&H Commission Replacement Program:

  • The photographer gives the league one 3.5 x 5 magnet of each athlete (or another program product of their choice)
  • Remember you need to photograph all athletes-not just buyers
  • This costs the photographer $500
  • The perceived value of the magnet is $8
  • The organization decides to sell it for $5
  • They sell 350 magnets.  This would equal $1750 in commission for the league


  • The photographer SAVES $300
  • The league MAKES $950 MORE than they would receive on the traditional commission program
  • It is a WIN/WIN for the photographer and the league!!

The Products -only cost $1.00 each!!

  • 3 inch round photo buttons
  • 3 inch round photo magnets
  • 3.5 x 5 magnet
  • Neil’s Water bottle insert only
  • Bag tag

H&H Commission Replacement Guidelines:

  • Only order through eZsports or eZevent
  • Must order one commission product for every athlete photographed
  • Commission products cannot be submitted with the package order – they must be submitted in a separate order
  • Must sort by teams
  • Only one commission product per order
  • Requires a coupon code when placing the order
  • Each commission product is $1.00 each

Other Applications:

In addition to using this with existing contracts, you could use this program as a part of a first- time bid to provide a potential new customer a higher commission than your competition might offer.  There are multiple ways of using this concept in your sports and school business.  We would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact our Sports Guy, Jim Seers, , to discuss your Commission Replacement ideas with him!


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Album CCoverChangesover Changes

photo albums for photographers

25% discount on all studio sample albums!

Take advantage of this ongoing special and expand your collection of studio album samples on these impressive new covers!

Coupon Code: SampleAlbum2012

Web WebWednesdayWednesdays
online photography class calendarBe sure to check our May web classes.Featured Web Class- Bling on the Money! May 16th Blair and Suzanne Phillips of  Blair Phillips Photography will show you how they bling on the money using jewels to enhance their images.  Don’t miss this unique and exciting web class!

May 23. 2012Vox Theatre

Kansas City, KSTopic: Portfolio and website panel and reviewExperienced KC media industry professionals offer advice on “your” portfolio and participate in a panel discussion of the various avenues available to commercial photographers.ASMP Members: $10 (before May 16)

Full Time Students: $10 (before May 16)

Non Members: $20

To register, visit

 School and Sports Boot campsSummerClasse at H&H

Early bird special ends May 31 – sign up now!


These classes will prepare you to sell, market, and photograph schools and sports.School Boot Camp June 20-22, 2012Early bird special: $150 for 3 full days of trainingDiscounts available for additional people from your studio

Topics :

  • Beginning and advanced sales training
  • Green screen overview
  • Picture day training from shoot to delivery
  • eZevent training

Everything Green Screen July 12-13, 2012

Early bird special: $99 until May 31st!

This class is a must if you are photographing green screen this fall. Come to H&H and we will work together to get ready for a great fall season!


  • Flyer set-up
  • Developing a library
  • Understanding the testing process
  • How to order

Sports Boot Camp July 16-18, 2012

Early bird special: $99 per person for 2 1/2 days of training until May 31st!

Sports photography is a great way to add to your bottom line! This class will teach you details on how to organize, sell, price, and run a successful sports photography shoot.


  • Pricing
  • Lighting
  • How to find and sell a league
  • How to run a successful picture day

Visit here to register!

HittinHittin’ The Road 
See our new products and learn from our speakers at these upcoming conventions and events


H&H Color Lab

Raytown, MO

May 7 – 8, 2012

Break the Mold is Blair Phillips’ two day non-stop, hands on workshop that covers everything from workflow, Blair’s famous lighting and posing, marketing, photoshop and much much more  with the purpose of helping your studio break out from the surrounding competition.

Houma, LA

May 20-22, 2012

Would you like to spend some time inside Kirk Voclain’s head? Well, this is your chance! Spend 3 days with Kirk at his studio in Houma, LA. He will be covering all aspects of senior photography! From posing to props, lighting to exposure, digital workflow, inside, outside, marketing…. the whole thing! This class is LIMITED to 22 people and includes LUNCH every day and a party one night. Don’t miss it.


IP Casino

Biloxi, Mississippi

June 10-13, 2012

Jason and Rebecca Brown Weaver

Abe Martin Lodge

Nashville, Indiana

June 17-20, 2012

Scott and Adina Hayne  – No Rules for Wedding and Seniors

  • TPPA Summer Roundup 

YO Ranch Resort and Hotel

Kerrville, Texas

June 24-27, 2012


Pasadena Convention Center Pasadena, California

August 9 – 12, 2012

John Pittman and Jim Seers –  9:00 – 5:00 August 9, 2012 – Sports Boot Camp

Kirk Voclain –  9:30-11:30 August 12, 2012 – Become the Coolest Studio In Town with Sr. Portraits

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