Top Tips on How to Turn Your Blog or Website Visitors into Subscribers…Create a Compelling Opt-In “Bribe”

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe

The key to turning visitors into subscribers is to get in their minds. Take Visitor ‘A’, for example. We’ll call her Ashley. Ashley had a big event come up – her first baby was born, and she’s on the hunt for some tips on how to dress her newborn for her first photo shoot. She’s not sure – if she should have the baby photographed nude which is the latest craze, go a little more conservative with a diaper, or or maybe use one of the adorable outfits she received as a gift.? She wants to make sure these first pictures are sure to be a special keepsake. After all, one of the best parts of being a parent is showing everyone you meet your adorable little angel. Some research is in order! So she turns on her computer, logs on to the Internet, and types “What should your baby wear for their first photo shoot” into the search engines.

Your website comes up in her search results with a site description, “Newborn Baby Photos: Getting Ready for Baby’s First Photo Shoot!” She clicks over and sees a special report you’re offering, titled, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Baby Photographed for the First Time!’ Wow – Ashley wants that guide! She knows that with it, she will get all of the information and advice she was looking for.   Sign her up – she’ll gladly exchange her email address for the report.

Can you do this same sales job on your website or blog, for your professional photography niche? Absolutely! All you have to do is find out what your visitors need and then deliver it to them. But here’s the catch – make sure you get them to opt-in to your list BEFORE you give them the goods. Otherwise they’ll grab the goods straight from your site, say a silent ‘thanks’ and head on their way. And, then months later, think “Where was that cool site? I sure wish I could find it again.”

How do you know what they want?  Here are a few ways.

Ask them! Create a survey or poll on your blog asking what they’ll looking for.

Look through your most popular blog posts. That should give you some indication of what they want from you.

Check out the competition. Browse other popular sites in your niche. See what they’re offering and you’ll generate ideas for creating something similar – in your own style of course.

So how can you ask for the opt-in on your website?

Splash Page: A popular website opt-in format is to have it be the ‘gate’ to your site. In other words, a splash page or squeeze page that doesn’t allow others access to the rest of your site until they pass over their name and email. This method works if what you have behind Door #1 is worth the visitor handing over their personal info. It converts well because it’s the only option – they sign up or they leave.

Website/Blog Pages: Many people include a sign-up form on every page of their website. If people are finding you through a search engine, more likely than not they’ll come in through a blog post or sub-page deep within your site, rather than the “front door” home page. By including a sign-up form on every page of your site, you can capture people where they are.

Popups: Despite their bad reputation, popups are still alive and effective. Just use your popups for good and not evil! One such non-offensive popup is the exit popup. Give visitors one more chance to opt-in to your list or receive a download before they leave. Test to see which offers gets the best response.

Within Your Content: One of the most effective on-site list-building methods is to include very relevant calls to action within the content itself. Let’s go back to Ashley for a moment. Let’s say Ashley did a more specific search on ‘what props go best with pictures of babies in diapers’ and she came across your blog post titled exactly what she searched for. And at the end of that article, you include a link to download your special The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Baby Photographed for the First Time, which she’ll receive after signing up for your  list.

There you have it. Top Tips to ask your visitors to become subscribers. Your assignment: Choose one and implement it! Don’t just read – DO.

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