16 More TED Talks to Inspire Professional Photographers

ted talks by and for photographers

We love TED Talks and think they can be a great resource for photographers looking to take their work to the next level and prepare ... Read more »

Surprise Photo Cards and Gifts

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Remember when receiving email was a pleasant surprise and not a paralyzing project? When you only got email from people you knew and junk mail ... Read more »

Christmas Comes Early for Photographers: H&H Color Lab is Giving You a 12 Days of Christmas Sale

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Get Ready! I know… I know… it’s barely even Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving, and here we are with the 12 Days of Christmas.  But if ... Read more »

Best Practices for Portrait Studio Credit Card Sales

Photography studio process credit cards

Credit card and debit card rules are changing fast.  With increasing identity fraud and the recent security breaches of large companies, federal and state laws ... Read more »

Best Website Platforms For Professional Photographers

CMS for photographers

Much like shopping for cereal at a grocery store, deciding on a website platform is no longer an easy choice. And since most clients in ... Read more »

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