In Praise of Digital Photography

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe In any discipline, you will always have what many refer to of as “purists”.  Purists are those who revere the way things have always been done and view new innovations in the field as upstarts and obviously of poorer quality than the tried and true methods of the past. Nowhere ...Read more »

Creating an Effective Photography Website, Part 5: Paid Search Listings

Have you ever wondered how Google makes its billions and pretty much rules the internet? Well, there’s another way to get visitors to your site aside from doing all the hard work we’ve previous highlighted with on-page SEO, local SEO and link building but it’s going to cost you. Google gets most of its revenue ...Read more »

Top Tips on How to Turn Your Blog or Website Visitors into Subscribers…Create a Compelling Opt-In “Bribe”

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe The key to turning visitors into subscribers is to get in their minds. Take Visitor ‘A’, for example. We’ll call her Ashley. Ashley had a big event come up – her first baby was born, and she’s on the hunt for some tips on how to dress her newborn for ...Read more »

Creating an Effective Photography Website, Part 4: Local Search Engine Optimization

After four weeks of our broad tips on creating effective websites for photographers, you now have a clearer idea on how to design a website with conversions in mind, optimize that site for the search engines through keyword usage, as well as optimizing the site through backlinks. If you master those three tactics, chances are ...Read more »

Creating an Effective Photography Website, Part 3: Link Building for SEO

Over the past few weeks we have discussed several key concepts related to having an effective web presence. First, we talked about the elements of an effective (not just attractive) graphic design for professional photographers. Last week we had a primer on writing content that is optimized for search engines. If you have an optimized ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – April 2011

Follow Our Photo Lab! Contact H&H Color Lab: 8906 E 67th Raytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue New Products  April Specials Web Wednesdays Texas School  Introducing Exciting New Products We are happy to have announce even more exciting new products with our latest release of eZsuite!  You have to check out our printed leather album covers ...Read more »
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