Photography Training Tuesday – Photography Lighting Techniques, hhschools Updates

photo lab training

Today’s Training Tuesday blog includes the following information: hhschools Updates Using Light Meters   Open hhschools today and update to the most recent version to take advantage of all ... Read more »

How Can I Grow My School and Sports Photography Business?

Improving school photography sales

  I get this question frequently from studio owners that are looking for new revenue streams. Actually, the answer is very simple (not easy, but simple), GO ... Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Adobe Creative Cloud Workflow and Retouching Tips

photo lab training

This video is a supplement to last week’s Training Tuesday Blog about batch cropping in Adobe Bridge for ordering mini cards: In the video below, ... Read more »

Optimizing Images for the Web Means Several Things

Optimizing photos for the web

As a photographer, you’re probably already taking steps to optimize images for the web, but here’s an overview of our best practices: Optimize File Size and ... Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Batch Cropping Cards in Lightroom

photo lab training

New videos posted on H&H’s website that will speed up your workflow:  Bentley just posted some very helpful videos on how to batch crop mini ... Read more »

Why Photographers are Turning to BrideBox


BrideBox: an alternative to professionally designed photo album fulfillment H&H Color Lab has been in the professional photography manufacturing business for over 44 years.  For this ... Read more »

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