Take Advantage Of Paid Advertising for Your Photography Business

facebook ad tips for photographersIf you want to breathe new life into your photography business you might want to consider paying for traffic. Paid traffic sources, such as Google’s AdWords or Facebook’s ads, can be leveraged to drive more traffic to your site and, ultimately, net you more sales.

You can target ads to reach your precise audience

By making the most of the information you receive from Google Analytics, you can communicate direct to an interested audience. Find out what keywords people are using to find your site and incorporate those important words into your ads, especially if you want to reach a wider audience this holiday season.

Always have a plan before you pay for advertising. Know what you want to get out of your ads. Do you want more Facebook Likes, more email addresses for your list, or do you want to create sales?

Remember to use ads to detail any added benefits. For instance, one Holiday shoot print can be used as a photo for a frame or a Holiday card. What about extras? Can you offer prints on mugs, key rings, or other gift-worthy paraphernalia? If so, say so. Create special offers and deals. Allow the demands of the season to inspire your creativity. People love personalized gifts, and a photographer is perfectly placed to fulfill that demand. Can you leverage the phrase ‘personalized gifts’ to drive more traffic to your site, for instance?

Control your advertising budget

google adwords tips for photographers

Another great thing about AdWords is that you get to control your budget, and direct your marketing resources to the areas that perform the best for you. Over time, as you get more and more familiar with the behavior of people who click on your ads, you can even lower your customer acquisition costs.

There are benefits and limitations to paid traffic source providers. With AdWords, you can reach a wider space, but Facebook is limited to Facebook. However, Facebook commands a truly impressive audience, and can hone in on your target audience with great precision– provided you’ve worded your add well. You can also set a budget that you can live with – provided you’ve worded your ad well.

Practical paid advertising tips

With any paid advertising method, you need to register a payment method. For convenience sake, it is usually best to register a separate, business-only credit card, which makes filing your tax returns at the end of the year much easier.

You also get to set a daily spending limit, so you don’t overspend on ads that aren’t working.


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