School and Sports Photography Online Sales (Part 2)

school sports photography online salesBe sure to check out part 1 of this post from earlier this week, where we introduced school and sports photography online sales systems.

Online Prepay

If you are selling your school or sports photography using a prepay or proof plan flyer, consider selling your packages using online prepay.  When you add an option to your sales flyer to purchase using a credit card online, and prior to picture day, you will:

  • Make it simple for mom to buy late at night – when she typically has time to thoroughly study your packages and add-on items
  • Make it simple for mom to use a credit card – buyers who use a credit card typically purchase more
  • Add security – most consumers do not want to write down their credit card information on a flyer and send it to school with their child.  Online secure transactions are what consumers are used to and are comfortable with.
  • Reduce studio labor – no more trying to read handwriting, manually typing in credit card information, and managing declined credit cards.
  • Provide a simple way for students to buy if they forget their flyer on picture day.  By leaving the online prepay form live for 24 hours after picture day, these customers can still buy and you can still get these orders in your initial package order. And it’s a great way to solve the issues of providing sales to grandparents and separated parents, as well.

Online 2nd Sale

You take great images.  But many times until your customer actually sees the images, they don’t buy all they want.  When you have a marketing insert with online sales information and a personalize password inserted into your picture day envelope, you give parents the opportunity to purchase additional prints and new products that you didn’t offer on your initial sale.  These are “found sales” that require little more than check a box to make it available.  One customer who used online 2nd sale for all his schools last fall said it produced new sales equivalent to him photographing 5 more schools … only he didn’t have to click the shutter one more time or deliver any more service items!

H&H works with HHImageHost for the online system to fulfill all these needs.  It is meant to work alongside your web site, branded for your business, fast to setup and is integrated into eZevent and eZsports software.

Whatever online sales system you are using, when you offer it wisely, you will add sales and profit to your business while reducing studio labor.

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