H&H Color Lab’s Sports Photography Commission Replacement Program

sports photography commission program

H&H wants to help photographers be more competitive, save money, and sell more. We think our Commission Replacement Program can do just that!!  It is a win/win program for sports photographers and the sports organization.  Here is how it works:

The Concept:

Commission replacement provides the sports league an opportunity to make extra money through a “cash and carry” fundraising event, where the photographer offers the league a photographic product to sell.

How does it work?

The idea of commission replacement is to offer a set of “discounted” products that will cost the photographer less out-of-pocket than the commission he is paying to a league, booster club, or athletic director.  The five commission products H&H is offering in this program have a perceived value of $7 to $10 dollars to the public, but H&H only charges the photographer $1 each.  The league is responsible for choosing one product, pricing it and selling it at the game/event.  The photographer is responsible for ordering one commission product for each photographed athlete for the league to sell on site during a game/event.

How will it help me?

This example will demonstrate the potential, in real dollars, of how much money you can save and how much more money the league can potentially make.

Comparison Example:   500 photographed athletes in program

Traditional Commission Program:

  • Photographer gives the league $2 for each  A,B,C package sold
  • If there are 400 buyers (times $2 each), the photographer would pay a commission of $800 to the league

photography commission programH&H Commission Replacement Program:

  • The photographer gives the league one 3.5 x 5 magnet of each athlete (or another program product of their choice)
  • Remember you need to photograph all athletes—not just buyers
  • This costs the photographer $500
  • The perceived value of the magnet is $8
  • The organization decides to sell it for $5
  • They sell 350 magnets.  This would equal $1750 in commission for the league


  • The photographer SAVES $300
  • The league MAKES $950 MORE than they would receive on the traditional commission program
  • It is a WIN/WIN for the photographer and the league!!

The Products –only cost $1.00 each!!

  • 3″ round photo buttons
  • 3″ round photo magnets
  • 3.5″ x 5” magnet
  • Neil’s Water bottle insert only
  • Bag tag

photo lab sports photography commission programH&H Commission Replacement Guidelines:

  • Only order through eZsports or eZevent
  • Must order one commission product for every athlete photographed
  • Commission products cannot be submitted with the package order – they must be submitted in a separate order
  • Must sort by teams
  • Only one commission product per order
  • Requires a coupon code when placing the order
  • Each commission product is $1.00 each

Other Applications:

In addition to using this with existing contracts, you could use this program as a part of a first- time bid to provide a potential new customer a higher commission than your competition might offer.  There are multiple ways of using this concept in your sports and school business.  We would love to hear from you!  Feel free to contact our Sports Guy, Jim Seers, jseers@hhcolorlab.com , to discuss your Commission Replacement ideas with him!


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