5 Bright Ideas for Brilliant Holiday Photography Sales

Holiday photography gifts

Are you ready to kick your holiday marketing into high gear?

The holidays are our favorite time around the photo lab. Is your photography studio positioned as THE local resource and authority for interesting and memorable photographic gifts?  Now is the time to make your work stand out, and with this year’s short shopping season, there’s not time to waste. Here are 5 ideas to increase sales this holiday season ~ and beyond.

1. Invite Friends In

Let the parties begin! There’s no better way to cement your relationship with customers or establish a connection with a prospective client than a glittering event.

You’re creative, get creative! Everyone wants to know how to capture better shots, who better to show them than you? Run a short workshop with tips on shooting great photos during the holidays. Capture fun candids at the party and share on Instagram and Facebook for everyone to see – and share. And introduce your unique product offerings for displaying and sharing that great shot, captured by your client or better yet, you! It’s also a great way to create the perfect lead-in for holiday portrait session offer – after all, selfies only go so far.

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Collages Digital Brag Books and Image Galleries are an amazing way to keep your studio top-of-mind with clients. With this mobile app, your studio is an on-the-go gallery for smartphones and tablets. It’s super easy for clients to show and share the images you add to their personalized gallery.

Collage photo app

2. Give Gifts, Give Back.

‘Tis the season to give gifts all around.

Non-profit organizations are always looking for creative fundraisers, and end-of-year giving is an ideal opportunity for a win-win promotion. Consider contacting some of your client sports leagues, dance studio’s, or schools.  Select unique products or services to include as part of a special holiday fundraiser.  If that doesn’t suit your business this season, create a special holiday gift category to promote directly.  A Christmas ornament, wallet, pendant, or photo book, and be sure to include a special free gift as an incentive for anyone who buys.


While you’re at it, make a cash donation to a struggling local charity you love.  Donate portrait sittings for homeless teens or women and families in shelters.

Do something to give back and make the world a little brighter.

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Do your customers know about all the amazing items that can be personalized with photos these days? In addition to the usual prints, cards, books and canvas wraps, there are scads of other options – money clips, IPad cases, jewelry, handbags, and beverage coasters, to name a few.  Check out the Studio at H&H to see the complete line of offerings. Many items take 10 days to process, so be sure to get your order in early.
Holiday photo printing

3. Get Social. Get the Word Out.

Holidays are a whirlwind of social activities, and it’s time for you to get social too. You work in a community, ask the community to work for you and with you.

How do you get the word out? Email blasts, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook?  All of the above? Begin building your presence on all the platforms.  When running a promotion or special event, create a unique hashtag and add a trending hashtag too.

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Did you know 58% of Facebook users expect offers, events or promotions when they become fans? Engage your fans and build a bigger audience with Facebook marketing ads. They are inexpensive, easy to run, and extremely targeted to your local demographics. Check out our three-part series on How to Use Facebook Advertising to boost your business.


4. Win With Contests

You are a picture maker, and when it comes to marketing, nothing speaks louder than pictures.  Add to that fact, social network users love photos, posting hundreds each per year, and you have a win-win opportunity.

Raise the visibility of your unique take on photography with a fun holiday photo contest. Run your own, or even better, create a promotion with a local partner or two – an ugly sweater contest at the local hipster craft cocktail hangout? Moms sending in photos of their cute kids holding “all they want for Christmas?”  When you work collaboratively with other businesses, you build on the power of collective marketing, not only reaching your own audience, but also engaging a bigger group of potential fans.

Make it clever, fun, and simple to execute,  and your contest will be a winner.

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Check out this infographic on some Holiday Contest Ideas via Shortstack.  Shortstack is my favorite tool for running contests on Facebook and also creating interesting Facebook Tabs for different purposes.

 Holiday photo contest

5. Bring Back Memories

Do you have archives of photos from past events?  Soccer finals, weddings, reunions, school portraits? This is a great time to give parents and others the chance to make holiday cards, calendars, a special gift for grandparents or a keepsake for the home.   Create an incentive such as a coupon offer through email or on Facebook.  Invite your clients to share with friends and family so they can pick out the shot they love. Then send your clients to your online platform to close the deal.

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Do you have a branded platform to showcase events and promote sales with online galleries? Check out HHImageHost to easily set up your customized storefront and drive your customers back for repeat sales well after the initial shoot.

Not yet an H&H client? Set up your account today and receive $50 worth of free products.  Stay tuned and look for some amazing specials coming your way that you can use as part of your holiday marketing campaign.

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