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How to use the new FREE H&H frame and canvas cluster resources in ProSelect

Hi everyone,  my name is Ariana Falerni and I’m the creator of the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides.  I’m here to talk to you today about some great new FREE ProSelect resources that are now available to all H&H Color Lab customers!

Some of you may remember my guest blog post “Show and Sell” from February in which I talked about the importance of showing our clients what we want to sell them… and by that I don’t mean an 8×10!  Give them something to visualize how amazing their portraits will look on the walls of their home:

clusters for photographers

I call this concept “Don’t say it, Display it!”

I developed the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides as a way to help myself and other photographers do just that via easy to use Photoshop Templates.

But almost as soon as I released my first Photoshop template I had photographers from around the world emailing me asking if I had my wall guides available for ProSelect, the award winning sales & presentation software from TimeExposure.  At the time, I had never used ProSelect so I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about – until I downloaded the free trial and was completely hooked!  I immediately began working on a ProSelect version of my wall guides and haven’t looked back.

There is NO better tool than ProSelect for someone committed to showing their clients the possibilities of their portraits on their walls, or even a photo card or photo album. A canvas or framed wall display that would take 5 minutes to create in Photoshop takes about 5 seconds in ProSelect!

wall displays for photographers(H&H Trilogy Canvas Cluster, room background from Photographer’s Wall Display Guides for ProSelect)

Drag an image onto a room view and with the click of the plus or minus sign scale it up or down so your client can see the EXACT right size for their portrait:

professional resizing photos(30×40 image shown with H&H B002 frame, room background from Photographer’s Wall Display Guides for ProSelect)

And ProSelect does so much more – it also allows you to input your prices to create a complete ordering system, the Pro version even has high-resolution production built right.  If your client orders it, ProSelect will have the files prepared for you in no time to upload straight into EZsuite!

Because I am not only a template creator but also a loyal customer of H&H, I developed two ProSelect resources for use with my own Photography clients that I am happy to share with you today. These are  FREE ProSelect resources developed specifically for H&H and are now available to all H&H customers for immediate download:

H&H Canvas Clusters for ProSelect
The first free ProSelect resource is all 13 of the H&H canvas clusters ready to use as ProSelect layouts – after the one click install, just drag and drop your clients images and show in a room view for maximum impact!

You can download these clusters directly from the H&H Canvas Cluster Wraps page.

H&H Frames for ProSelect
The second is all of the H&H frames ready to use in ProSelect!  Follow the  simple installation instructions and start showing your clients stunning mock ups of how their images will look in their choice of H&H frames! You can download this free resource right from the framing page of the H&H website.

photo framing for a boy bedroom(Shown with H&H C007 frame, room background from Photographer’s Wall Display Guides for ProSelect)

For those who are new to ProSelect but not ready to take the leap, you can always download a free 30 day trial to see if ProSelect is right for you and your studio.  Even better, ProSelect is 20% off until June 18th! Use code NOEXCUSE at checkout.

I also invite you to join me for the Web Wednesday Webinar on July 25th where I’ll be demonstrating how to use both the frames and canvas cluster resources in ProSelect.

Until then, Happy Summer and Happy Sales!


Ariana Falerni is a children’s portrait photographer in the NYC suburbs. She is also the creator of the Photographer’s Wall Display Guides and pens the popular blog “Becoming Mom” where she writes (maybe a little too honestly) about the topics of motherhood and the business of photography.
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