How to Use Facebook Offers to Increase Photography Sales During the Holidays

Time Is running out! Think about how to use your Facebook Offers for the holidays, that is if the option is still available on your page.

The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone wants to know what they can do to get the best results with using social media.  One of the biggest questions I get asked is “How can you get new fans, or better yet, attract new leads?”

One of the techniques that a lot of people weren’t aware of is how to use Facebook Offers. Facebook Ads have been around awhile and there are other things like Facebook Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts, but very few people know that Facebook Offers were yet another form of an ad on Facebook. They can be incredibly effective, yet they work differently than the others I mentioned.  Well wouldn’t you know, just as I’m starting to have a lot of luck with this and I recently even talked about it on a podcast, Facebook removed that functionality from my page. So no longer do I see a something that says offers/events where you post a status update.

using facebook offers  



   My Facebook page – there’s no offers in the status update box.






using facebook offers



 H&H Facebook page – notice there still IS the option for Offers.






However, many of my clients still have this available, so if you do still see this on your page, here are some quick reasons why you may want to try it out asap.

Here’s a quick video I put together that shows you how to set up a Facebook Offer.

So there you go.  See how easy it is to set up, plus you get the extra boost of appearing in the news feed and an email sent to individuals personal accounts. Go give it a try before it’s too late.


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