Guide to Using Wildfire for Facebook Contests

Watch as H&H Color Lab guest blogger Georgia McCabe shows photographers how to use Wildfire to create fast and easy Facebook Contests to help market your company:

Guest Post by Georgia McCabe – As an author, speaker, trainer and social media and photography evangelist, her perspectives entitled “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Friends…or Enemies” appear in print in the book entitled The Relationship Age, with social media guru Mari Smith. Georgia is a frequent guest blogger for our professional photography lab.

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  1. We’ve noticed that a large number of brands are still holding illegally-done contests on Facebook probably unknowingly with the risk of having their Page pulled. We’ve been researching a number of apps to help folks get around this issue, and this one by far is the most robust for the price compared to apps like NorthSocial and Involver. Thanks for the great tutorial video.

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