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I love how I make my living as a professional wedding photographer. Seventy percent of Americans hate their jobs – so I am blessed to be in the thirty percent that really enjoys what they do. I have to be honest, however – as much as I love wedding photography, it is not my passion. Traveling the world and creating images is what exhilarates me.

Why travel? For me it is the sense of adventure. Going somewhere new and experiencing the beautiful landscapes, seeing new and different architecture, eating diverse foods and enjoying new flavors and smells – that makes me happy. But the greatest reason I love travelling is the people I meet. The world is rich in culture and full of people dressing and speaking differently. If you take the time to spend a little time with some new friends in a foreign land, you will discover just how much they are like you. Often they share similar interests of which the common denominator seems to be family. I just returned from a two-week trip to Vietnam and as a photographer, the thing that amazed me was how many impoverished people we visited that had large framed photographs of their children’s weddings hanging in their homes! So much family pride.

I visited Vietnam with my wife (it was my second time going to this beautiful country). We spent time with an organization called RAKlife.org. With the help of some local tradesmen, we built a new house for a very deserving family. While we worked very hard in the mornings, afternoons were usually spent exploring and drinking tea with local villagers. You can see some of my images below.

It is important to share our travel images with friends, family and even ourselves. First by using the wireless technology built into my camera – I can easily upload images to my phone, use Snapseed for some quick edits and post on Facebook and Instagram. People can enjoy your travels in real-time.

More importantly is to archive these images in a way to view and share. Here are some of the ways I do this:

  • Have large prints or canvases made to display your work. The only artwork hanging in my home is from places I have visited with my wife.
  • Make albums. This is an easy way to store and share 100’s of images. I love using the leather wrap albums from H&H for a fine art presentation.
  • Have cards printed to use for stationery. Everyone enjoys a hand-written note.
  • Gift prints. I am always thinking of ways to gift influencers in my wedding world. In Vietnam I purchased some locally made scarves. I am going to get a custom print made of one of the images below and package it with a scarf as a gift.


I hope you get out and explore this amazing world we call home. Please be sure to share some of your images. Happy and safe travels.

William Innes is a Los Angeles based wedding photographer – www.innesphotography.com

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