Employee Highlight – Emily Buck

We are proud of our employees and the pride and care they take producing your orders and want to share their stories with you.

Each month we highlight one of our employees and the department they work in! You will get a look behind-the-scenes here at the lab, and get to know one of our own a little bit better.

Emily Buck – H&H Sales and Product Development

Emily Buck

Emily Buck has spent over three decades with H&H Color Lab. To be exact, Emily has blessed us with her talent for 34 years. Emily is one of the most talented and modest of our employees. She runs a tight ship and has been doing so for many years! Emily is the “go-to” person for information and she always asks just the right questions to help keep our thinking straight! (Her cookies are also famous at H&H! We all love the days when we get an email telling us she has brought cookies to share!)

Q: How did you hear about H&H when you were looking for this job?

A: My sister worked at the lab in the past. When I started at H&H we were just starting on a computer system. I was hired by Wayne for data entry. We had to keep track of each negative, entering the information in by hand for each one. Each negative had to be bar coded, carded, and logged, one by one.

Since the OE system wasn’t quite ready, I moved to the shipping department, which was in a small room…a closet…or so it seemed. I was the ONLY person in the shipping department! I learned all about shipping, then moved to the final inspection department and then back to order entry. I managed the order entry department as well as the front counter, billing, and shipping. I worked in the customer service department when we only had 3 customer service reps. I also worked in the SSE department doing OE, customer service, editing, inspection, billing and shipping.

Q: So, tell me about the position you have now.

A: Basically I work on the VAX. I manage product code set up, which includes pricing, routing, bar codes and coupons. I interface with many areas including product development, marketing, customer service, IT, school and sports marketing and production.

If there is a work flow that isn’t in software yet, I handle the process manually until we add it to our system. I work on things that are behind the scenes.

Q: What do you really enjoy about your job?

A: I like working with product codes, numbers and reports. I like finishing a project. I work independently most of the time.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your family and hobbies!

A: I have two kids, my son Grant is 27 and my daughter Megan is 19 years old. My son lives in the area and my daughter lives at home. As far as hobbies go, I really love to bake! I like to travel too. I recently went to Mexico and would love to travel more in the future.

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