Employee Highlight – Denny Chandler

We are proud of our employees and the pride and care they take producing your orders and want to share their stories with you.

Each month we highlight one of our employees and the department they work in! You will get a look behind-the-scenes here at the lab, and get to know one of our own a little bit better.

Denny Chandler – Software Engineer – IT Department

The IT team here at H&H makes our “world go round”! From developing our custom proprietary ordering software to providing and maintaining our internal business and production technology systems, they are one group of amazing team members we just can’t do without – and can’t thank enough!!! Meet Denny Chandler and you will understand why.

Q How did you come to work at H&H?

A I got my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from UMKC. I had an internship as a programming analyst for KCP&L, where I was really exposed to database and SQL programs. I found it interesting, and it solidified in my mind, the type of work I was looking for. I have also always been a computer kid, really from the time I was about four years old. I have been working here at H&H for about two years.

So what do you do exactly?

A I work with various software programs, with our in-house technologies and trade-secret type information. I primarily work at the point of ingestion, so when a customer uploads a job to print, it is received, processed, and goes to the areas it needs to go within the lab—such as billing, image extraction, production, etc. We are one of the few companies that has a mostly automated system in terms of fulfilling our orders. So what I do, is help create the programming code to make all of the systems talk to each other and work properly. I also work with some of our providers or resources such as Collages, Lab Prints and Yearbook Fusion, to make sure that the transition of information is a smooth one. We are able to provide internal systems that give our team members live-stat tracking information. This enables the employee to know where they are percentage-wise on production level, skill and timing in relation to an established baseline. It also gives the managers tools to use in terms of education and coaching opportunities with the employee.

What is it that you love about your job?

A I love getting to work with so many different technologies. There is a lot of variety in what I do, so I rarely touch the same technology twice in a given day. I have exposure to automation, website building, client software, backend systems, system administration, firewalls and remote servers—just to name a few. I also am lucky to have learned so much from my boss about the various systems. This is what I trained to do, and its great being around so many different technologies.

Tell me about your hobbies

A I like playing disc golf. I mostly play at Legacy Park in Lee’s Summit, since it’s so close to my home. I love playing video games. I have been into gaming since I was really young. I also have three rescue dogs, Cocoa, Doug and Troy. They are great, and keep me plenty busy!

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