Employee Highlight – Debbie Arnold

We are proud of our employees and the pride and care they take producing your orders and want to share their stories with you.

Each month we highlight one of our employees and the department they work in! You will get a look behind-the-scenes here at the lab, and get to know one of our own a little bit better.

Debbie Arnold – H&H Large Prints

Photographic printing is the heart of H&H Color Lab. Asked why she loves her job so much, Debbie Arnold, a member of the Large Print team, mentions the idea of being part of something bigger. She loves the process of creating an archival work of art that captures someone’s special moment. She knows that each piece created will be of significant importance in that customer’s life. Her attention to detail and work ethic make her an exceptional example of why H&H Color Lab values its employees.

Q: What did you do before coming to H&H Color Lab?

A I managed a bowling alley and restaurant for fourteen years. It was very hectic, but I enjoyed it.

Q: How do you think that experience helps you with your job at the lab?

A It was a lot to juggle, and manage. I got pretty good at multi-tasking. I think that helps me every day here at the lab! I also learned how important it is to work as a team. That aspect is very important at the lab.

Q: What is it that you love about your job?

A I have been here about nine years, and in large prints for about six years. I really like learning new things, and getting to use the Polie print equipment. We have a small team of employees, and we work well together. I also know that when I handle a large print, and help produce it—that it is very likely going into someone’s home as a very precious part of their lives. That is a great feeling, to be part of something like that.

Q: What impresses you about H&H?

A One time, I noticed Wayne Haub (one of the owners of the lab), inspecting a print that we were working on. There was a small defect in it, and he noticed it right away. He immediately starting setting things into motion to make it right for the customer. That is how so many of our employees are. There is a lot of care and concern about delivering a high-quality product to the customer, and that comes from the top down.

Q: Tell me a little about your family.

A I have four children, two boys and two girls. I also have five grandchildren aged 4 months up to eighteen years old. I am lucky that they all live close by and I am able to attend many of their events!

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