Photoshop Tips

Learn new techniques in Photoshop. Since Photoshop is continually changing, we provide tips to keep your Photoshop skills sharp and ahead of the competition.

Evaluating Exposure Using Adobe Photoshop

In this video you will see how to evaluate the exposure of a portrait using Adobe Photoshop - this is a great tool to use ... Read more »

Adding the Script Event Manager to your Workflow

photoshop script event manager

See how to use the Script Event Manager, along with several actions to help speed up your workflow! This will work in Photoshop CS6 cloud ... Read more »

Photo Editing History – Life Before Photoshop

history of photo editing

In honor of April Fool's Day, let's take a look at the history of people modifying images. The history of photo editing dates back to ... Read more »

Speed Tips for Mac Finder

speed tips for mac finder

In this silent movie, watch Bentley show you a couple of easy tips that you can add to your Mac Finder to help optimize your ... Read more »

Using Photoshop to Pick the Best Group Shot

It is the time of year when all photographers, especially school and sports photographers, take many group pictures. In this short video,¬†Bentley shows you a great ... Read more »

Photoshop Tip: How to Add the File Name to the Front of an Image File

In this series of videos you will be shown where in Photoshop to find a script file that will put the file name on the ... Read more »

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