Photography Tips

H&H provides the latest photography tips to professional photographers looking to grow their business. These photography tips help beginners and expirienced photographers alike.

Tips For Customizing Designer Metals

metal photo print tips

In this video, Bentley will give you a quick demonstration on using one of the designer metal photoshop guides that are posted on the H&H ... Read more »

24 Google Chrome Apps and Extensions for Photographers

chrome extensions for photographers

Google Chrome is quickly becoming the world's most popular browser and a photographer's best friend. Learn more about the great extensions you can you to ... Read more »

Understanding the Differences Between Image Size and File Size

In this video we will explore the difference between image size and file size. These two terms are often used incorrectly. Image size refers to ... Read more »

How to Batch Crop and Resize Images Quickly and Easily

Our featured video for March was titled Using Adobe Bridge to Batch Resize Images. This is a new video that complements a prior video Batch ... Read more »

Kirk Voclain Workflow – CS5

As you probably know, TIME is MONEY, and in these times that we live in, the faster you can do something, or the less time ... Read more »

Using Smart Objects in Photoshop CS5

In this video, we will explore using Smart Objects with Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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