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Jesse Chen

Calling All Photographers…You Need to Protect What is Yours We are all aware that many of customers feel that the pictures we create of them, or their family or children actually belong to them and resist paying for prints, reprints or digital rights. With the rise of social networks, they think nothing of taking a […]

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beautiful cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a relatively new form of photography that stemmed from the work of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck at Ann Street Studio. Making a quality cinemagraph can be accomplished with the tools you already have. If you’re interested in making one, there are plenty of guides on making a cinemagraph using Photoshop. There are […]

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15 quotes about photography

We may have all heard the quote, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but there are certainly more ways to poignantly discuss the art, lifestyle and underlying meaning of photography. Below are 15 quotes about photography to use as inspiration. Learn and hear the diverse viewpoints from the great photographers of our time with […]

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photography ted talks

Every person in the creative industry has to search for inspiration many times throughout their career. Sometimes inspiration for photography comes unexpectedly through another passion you’re harboring. Some of the most inspirational individuals in the world have spread their message through TED Talks, and the photography industry is no different. These TED Talks for Photographers […]

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the world without photography

A world without photography is too hard to imagine. There would be no rule of thirds, no DSLR’s, and no photoshop. Would we still have many of the same inventions, but resort to animation instead? Would computers resemble the machines we use today. Some obvious things would be much different. There are no scrapbooks of […]

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photographer appreciation month

It’s national photographer appreciation month in October. Make sure you go out and hug a photographer for all they do! Share our open letter below with your favorite photographer today to tell them thank you for all they do: To the picture perfectionist and the just-one-more-shot taker. To the people who believe in the beauty […]

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