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Learn all about our photo lab, and how we help photographers with their professional photo processing.

Professional Photographer Quick Tips – easy ways to streamline your workflow

Today's Quick Tip is a super-easy step that can save you a LOT of time in your day-to-day workflow.  Have you ever forgotten to choose ... Read more »

Convention Mention-notes from the photography trade shows

This past weekend was a busy one for H&H!  There was the MARC convention in Decatur, IL, and the Western States convention in Pasadena, CA. ... Read more »

Photography Tips by Teri – Marketing Madness

Teri Ritter is stepping in today, with the first marketing installment.  Teri?  The floor is yours: We’re very excited about our blog!  We hope ... Read more »


Most of you are probably familiar with Bentley Skeie and Jeff Locklear, our “digital guys.”  They teach classes at H&H University, travel to various parts ... Read more »

Professional Photo Lab Photographer Spotlight- Scott Hayne Photography

Today we turn the spotlight on Scott Hayne Photography.   Enjoy Scott's awesome images while we tell you a little bit about who they are: Scott ... Read more »

Professional Photo Lab Production Spotlight-Black Tie Photo Albums

In the summer of 2007, H&H introduced our Black Tie Photo Album line.  Today, we’re going to take a look at this area of production. Beyond ... Read more »

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