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Dude, Where’s My Photo Lab Order?

Did you know that you can check on the status of an order, simply by logging in to the studio portion of our website?  Most studios use this tool frequently, but many do not quite understand what all of the status abbreviations are.  I hope to clear that up today! Below is a list of ...Read more »

Web Photo Proofing & Web Photography Sales

Web Proofing and Web Sales at H&H Color Lab In response to many requests, HHImageHost was created – a system that lets you proof and sell products from your images with YOUR Brand in a simple workflow.  The system was in beta last fall and capabilities have been continuously added since.   HHImageHost web proofing and web ...Read more »

Photo Lab Employee Spotlight: Anne Bonebrake

Employee Spotlight Today we turn our employee spotlight on Anne Bonebrake.  Ann is a graphic designer, working in the design center.  She loves being able to use her skills to create wedding albums and other pieces, knowing that our customers will treasure them for the rest of their lives. A graduate of Western Illinois University, ...Read more »

The Great Cover Up – Photo Album Covers

You may remember the blog entry about our Black Tie Photo Album department.  If not, you can read it here.  Today, we’re going to look a bit more closely at the cover options available on our Black Tie Photo Albums. ...Read more »

The subjective topic of Color in Professional Photography

As children, we loved color.  We loved TO color.  It was all about the color, sometimes: Now, for those of us who have chosen to be part of the photographic industry, it’s all about the color still.  If an image is too cool, the skin tones are not as pleasing to the eye.  If an ...Read more »

Photo Lab Production Spotlight – Digital Cells

What is a digital cell? If you place an order for 2-11×14 prints, mounted and coated, 48 sheet-cut wallets, 4 coated 8x10s and 2 5×10 image galleries, how many folks do you think will be touching your photo prints?  Someone needs to print them, and someone needs to mount them, and someone needs to coat ...Read more »
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