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Learn the latest trends in photography marketing and how to improve your photography website and social media practices to attract customers.

5 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas For Your Photography Business

thanksgiving photography marketing ideas
When food and family take center stage this November, who will be around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Maybe you will have a large extended family with grandparents, cousins, and those precious new babies…or a fabulous feast with good friends?  No matter who gathers around the table this year, it’s a day to create and share ...Read more »

Surprise Photo Cards and Gifts

photo cards for photographers
Remember when receiving email was a pleasant surprise and not a paralyzing project? When you only got email from people you knew and junk mail came through the post office?  When you excitedly opened dozens of gorgeous, glittery holiday cards and then displayed them proudly around the house? Times have changed. Now, our email boxes ...Read more »

Best Website Platforms For Professional Photographers

CMS for photographers
Much like shopping for cereal at a grocery store, deciding on a website platform is no longer an easy choice. And since most clients in the photography industry (and really all creative fields) want to see some sort of online portfolio, it comes as no surprise that you should find yourself with choices… …almost too ...Read more »

Webinar: Increase Sales with Proof Books

Wedding photography proof books
We thought we would share a webinar that and David Apuzzo led earlier this month – Using Proof Books to Increase Sales: Video Direct Link: Using Proof Books David Apuzzo walks us through his workflow for creating an Image Gallery, then ordering a proof book afterwards. He also goes into detail on how important ...Read more »

5 Bright Ideas for Brilliant Holiday Photography Sales

Holiday photography gifts
Are you ready to kick your holiday marketing into high gear? The holidays are our favorite time around the photo lab. Is your photography studio positioned as THE local resource and authority for interesting and memorable photographic gifts?  Now is the time to make your work stand out, and with this year’s short shopping season, there’s ...Read more »

Adding Watermarks in Lightroom and Photoshop

Adding watermarks in Photoshop and Lightroom
Copyright is an important issue for professional photographers in this digital age.  Our Digital Guy, Bentley Skeie, has put together a few videos that show you how to add watermarks and logos to your images in Lightroom and in Photoshop. Adding Logos and Watermarks in Lightroom Video: Adding Watermarks in Lightroom Adding Logos and Watermarks ...Read more »
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