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Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Press Cards

As we begin photographing for the holiday season, cards play a big part of the overall product mix.   I view cards as a marketing tool ... Read more »

How to Use the New Facebook ‘Targeted Page Posts’ Feature for Increased Photography Business

How to Use the New Facebook 'Targeted Page Posts' Feature for Increased Photography Business - Video Transcript Hi everyone this is Georgia McCabe and this month’s video ... Read more »

How Professional Photographers Can Increase Sales During Christmas

It’s Labor Day and I want to talk about Christmas.   Yes……I do!! 70% of retail sales occur during the Holiday Season – that’s an incredible number.  ... Read more »

How Photo Booklets Can Open Doors and Increase Revenues

Every day you drive by new business opportunities.  Many of the studios involved in school photography are aware of one of the facets of those ... Read more »

Fish Customers out of the Twitter Stream with inboxQ

Hey, gang - I hope everybody is doing great and is feeling really energized as we head into a new season.  While some of you ... Read more »

Are You Making the Most of Your Clients’ Facebook Timeline Cover?

On March 31st Facebook, yet again, threw everyone for a loop by changing the format of all of their pages. The “Timeline” upgrade was met ... Read more »

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