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Jesse Chen

Calling All Photographers…You Need to Protect What is Yours We are all aware that many of customers feel that the pictures we create of them, or their family or children actually belong to them and resist paying for prints, reprints or digital rights. With the rise of social networks, they think nothing of taking a […]

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Google Analytics for Beginners Do you have any experience or knowledge of Google Analytics?  This is a POWERFUL tool for digital marketers. This tool helps answer many questions on how people interact with your site, gives insight into your audience and the ability to track their consumer patterns and habits. According to a recent Accenture […]

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Accordian Minis Full Shot

Post by: Ariana Falerni Accordion minis are one of my favorite products that I offer to my clients.  Chances are, if you’ve shown them to your own clients you know why: Moms in particular go crazy for them! The cuteness gets them at hello, but then there’s also the fact that you can include a surprising […]

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This week, I asked customer service if they had some training tips for the Training Tuesday blog.  I asked for questions that they answer all of the time, or sites they use that they thought would be good to share with you.   I received many wonderful ideas for this blog that we will post in […]

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Today we will look at the following online training opportunities: 1.  H&H sponsored Episode #17 of Photo Entrepreneur TV!  Check out the discussion on gift certificates—great idea to increase sales! 2.  Lynda.com—online video tutorials—you can learn it! A big thanks goes out to H&H Color Lab for making this episode possible! In this episode we talk about […]

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Photography Social Media Tips

  Welcome to Part 4 of my blog post series Great Examples and Techniques for Using Images to Drive Engagement for Your Facebook Image Page. As we have discussed in the previous posts, images are so important to help you achieve your social media marketing success. Even now more so than ever. According to a […]

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