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senior + youth national conference and H&H

sync photograpy convention
    Last week, SYNC announced their date, speakers and NEW location for 2015.  Amazing educational and networking opportunities await you at SYNC—oh, and H&H will be there too!  Registration begins May 1st. Click here for all of the details! ...Read more »

Want A Great Reason to Hand-Off Design? Meet Anne Bonebrake and Team at the H&H Design Center

Would you rather be behind a camera than a computer screen? Whatever the reason, when it’s time transform your photos into an impressive, hands-on product, the results trump the reasons. And if your job passes through the hands of Anne Bonebrake and team at the H&H Design Center, the results are apt to be a ...Read more »

The History of “Say Cheese!”

We’ve all heard the saying, but do we know what we’re really saying? The phrase, “say cheese” has become extremely popular in our society but does anyone know why? The most common theory, and what may be the truest, is the fact that the word “cheese” forces you to bring your teeth together in a ...Read more »

Spring Sales Tips for School Photographers

School Photography
School photography year wrap up We are fast approaching the end of another school year.  Here are a few reminders and suggestions to help you prepare for next school year:   1. Make sure you have signed or completed your school picture agreement and set dates with all of your schools for the fall 2014. ...Read more »

Photography Training Tuesdays – Photo Entrepreneur TV, Photovision, & Photography Classes

Training Tuesday topics for this week are: 1.  Check out Photo Entrepreneur TV—H&H Sponsored episode! 2.  Photovision –last day the vault is open! 3.  Summer Classes at H&H—Schools 101 During this episode the boys discuss the old vs. new way of thinking about our industry and the directions we’ve decided to go.   Enjoy part two ...Read more »

Part 3: 5 Great Examples and Techniques for Using Images to Drive Engagement for Your Facebook Image Page

Did you know that Facebook posts with images get more than twice the engagement of text-only posts? As a photographer, you may already be posting a ton of images, but this a handful of specific techniques — including other image sources and strategies — can help you easily grow your interest, engagement and reach. For ...Read more »
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