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3 Easy Steps to Get Fans to Post Their Image Content

In my last post, I talked about tapping into your fanbase as contributors of image content to your social media. When your fans post their content, it’s a sign of engagement and a driver of organic growth. It’s a big honking stamp of approval that sends a message to their network that your site is ...Read more »

Make Your Social Media a Magnet for Fan Visuals

Photography Social Media
Part 1. Rethink your customers, invite them into a new role Not long ago, buyers and sellers were as distinct as, say, Democrats and Republicans are today (okay, maybe they never were that far apart, but you get the idea!). Today, thanks to social media, we’ve come a long way toward increasing shared goals and ...Read more »

15 Best Books for Professional Photographers

Books for Photographers 4
  As a professional photographer, it’s important to be well-versed in every aspect of photography. You may find that you lean towards a specific style or category, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be exposed to other forms of photography. Reading photography books is one way to become exposed to all different styles and viewpoints. ...Read more »

Training Tuesday – Podcast with Bobby Carlson & New Videos

Full Time Photographer
Don’t Miss This Week’s Training: 1.  Podcast interview with H&H customer Bobby Carlson 2.  New videos posted on H&H website       Podcast Interview   Listen to the podcast now:     Josh Rossi of Full Time Photographer posts inspiring interviews of successful photographers five days a week!   This week we would like to ...Read more »

From Portraits to Sports

Sports photography marketing
A primer on how to find leagues and build rapport By Leigh LaForest, Owner of JL Photo   Having the opportunity to add youth sports photography to your company’s profile can be a lucrative endeavor for your studio. Since there are just so many children who are involved in youth sports organizations, most likely you ...Read more »

Training Tuesdays – 4 Reasons a Photographer Should Attend Photoshop World

This week will feature these educational opportunities! 1.  4 Reasons a Photographer Should Attend Photoshop World 2.  Let’s meet our speakers for School + Sports Connections     4 Reasons a Photographer Should Attend Photoshop World   If you have ever wanted to learn more about Photoshop—this is the conference to go to! H&H has ...Read more »
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