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Training Tuesdays – Sports and School Photography Training

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Today we are going to talk about some wonderful educational opportunities for school and sports photographers that H&H is supporting in the next couple of weeks. They include: hhschools training school and sports connection classes Classes at upcoming conventions H&H’s Sports Club—free education! hhschools training: We encourage you to start your transition to hhschools today!    ...Read more »

H&H is Going to be at SPAC, SYNC, and SPI

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It’s going to be a busy weekend of photography conventions so take your choice and don’t miss out! H&H is going to be at SPAC, SYNC and SPI – bringing you a new look with the same soul! SYNC (Senior Youth National Conference) is in St Augustine, Florida and starts on Thursday, January 23, 2014 ...Read more »

Training Tuesdays – School and Sports Photography Classes

photo lab training
  With our new look also comes new training and educational opportunities for 2014! Web Wednesdays are now a thing of the past…we have replaced them with Training Tuesdays! Learn something new every Tuesday through our blog! Through our Training Tuesday communications, we will point you to the best photography training. It could be Creative Live, Photovision, a social ...Read more »

Rebranding H&H Color Lab – How We Did it!

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When I first came to H&H last summer, I found a photo lab with a multi-colored, old-style logo on the side of the building. I almost turned around before the first interview. Thus, the power of branding. Branding tells the consumer so much about a company. Are you traditional, modern, stuck in another decade, moving ...Read more »

hhschools Software Training

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This week we will focus on the new hhschools software. We are committed to making the transition from eZevent to hhschools as seamless as possible. With a variety of training methods in place and planned, we are here to support you and your staff. We’re excited about the new platform that we’ve been building over ...Read more »

Don’t Just Sit There! Start Using Social Media to Influence Buyers for Your Photography Business

social media leads for photographers
Almost 27% of accumulated time online today is spent on social media sites. To be sure, 85% of today’s online users have a Facebook account and nearly 50% have active Twitter accounts as well. Social Media has clearly become the behemoth of marketing lead generation, responsible for a doubling of the number of leads when ...Read more »
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