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How Facebook Contest and Promotion Changes Impact Photographers

facebook tips for photographers

Yippee, Yahoo, Hurray! Facebook announced this week that they made changes so that it's easier to create and administer promotions. Facebook used to require a ... Read more »

H&H Sports Boot Camp 2013

sports photography boot camp

The third week of July, forty sports photographers from all over the USA assembled at H&H for our annual H&H sports boot camp.  We spent ... Read more »

Color Management and Soft Proofing Workflow

monitor color calibration in professional photo printing

Screen to print matching is one of the more difficult portions of a good digital workflow to achieve.  Some of the factors involved are: the ... Read more »

Your Sports Photography Sales Numbers – They Count!

sports photography sales analysis

The sports photography business is exciting and challenging at the same time.  Sports photography business requires:   sales presentation and bidding to get the account, picture ... Read more »

4 Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Time

maximizing social media

Who could resist blog headlines like “Puppies Trapped in Tupperware?” You? Okay, even I resisted that one — the photo alone exceeded my cuteness quota ... Read more »

Why You Should Build Your Photography Website in Tumblr

tumblr for photographers

We're big fans of WordPress around here as the number one tool in helping professional photographers get a great website up and running. We've made a ... Read more »

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