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Hannah Collection Jewelry – Photo Lab Product Spotlight

I have several photographer friends that have told me over the years that January is their largest volume month.  When I was first told this, I was slightly skeptical.  As I learned more, it made sense for some photographers’ business models. I have learned there is a lot of business left on the table in ...Read more »

Merry Christmas from H&H Color Lab

H&H Color Lab Staff
It is probably true that this is the time of the year, more than any other time, that we stop to reflect on our core values. While we try to live those values all year around, it is good to take extra time during the holiday season to express those values to others…values such as ...Read more »

Take Time to Smell the Roses – and Keep ’em Growing

Congratulations, everybody! We’re calling it a wrap on another year. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, show appreciation to everybody for their contributions, and focus on all that’s right with your business. Admire your work! Then use social media to thank your customers and show them where you shine. People are attracted ...Read more »

20 Amazing Photography World Records

There have been countless world records broken for every genre, and photography technology has grown at an exponential rate the past decades. Because of this, new world records are achieved every day. Take a look at our 20 world records for photography in 2012 for these will surely be broken again in years to come! Photography World Records ...Read more »

Stay Engaged with Facebook feature “Get Notifications”

This month’s video blog post is about a Facebook feature that was released in October of this year. Many of you may have seen it and if you haven’t, here’s a quick tutorial about it: ...Read more »

Focus Newsletter – December 2012

Follow H&H! Contact H&H: 8906 E 67th Raytown, Missouri 64133 800-821-1305 In This Issue 2013 Spring Program Film Processing Upcoming Specials Christmas Shipping Holiday Gifts Web Wednesday Where We’ll Be ...Read more »
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