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New Customer Interview: The Rye Studio

New H&H Color Lab customer, The Rye Studio, is interviewed by Georgia McCabe to share how their Studio uses Facebook for maximum engagement and relationship ... Read more »

Using Photoshop to Pick the Best Group Shot

It is the time of year when all photographers, especially school and sports photographers, take many group pictures. In this short video, Bentley shows you a great ... Read more »

Could an Autumn Checkup Rake up Photography Business?

Happy autumn, everybody! Are you loving these cooler days as much as I am? I notice that although it’s early fall, I am seeing lots ... Read more »

School and Event Photography Software: eZevent Videos

Are you new to eZevent? Do you have a new employee in your photography studio that needs to learn the in's and out's of eZevent? Do need ... Read more »

Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Press Cards

As we begin photographing for the holiday season, cards play a big part of the overall product mix.   I view cards as a marketing tool ... Read more »

How to Use the New Facebook ‘Targeted Page Posts’ Feature for Increased Photography Business

How to Use the New Facebook 'Targeted Page Posts' Feature for Increased Photography Business - Video Transcript Hi everyone this is Georgia McCabe and this month’s video ... Read more »

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