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Are You Making the Most of Your Clients’ Facebook Timeline Cover?

On March 31st Facebook, yet again, threw everyone for a loop by changing the format of all of their pages. The “Timeline” upgrade was met with mixed reviews and a lot of angry users. I have to admit, a few months prior to the mandatory upgrade I switched all of our business pages over to ...Read more »

New Social Networking site for Photographers: The Shoot It!

New Social Networking site for Photographers: The Shoot It! – Video Transcript ...Read more »

Photoshop Tip: How to Add the File Name to the Front of an Image File

In this series of videos you will be shown where in Photoshop to find a script file that will put the file name on the front of your image. Then you will learn how to personalize the script, add the script to an action to apply this to a batch of images and, finally, modify the action ...Read more »

Lessons from Stephen Covey for Social Media

Have you put his ideas to work for you? Hi, everybody, Georgia McCabe here.  I hope you’re holding up in the heat. It’s hard to stick to your goals when you’re sticking to your equipment, but this, too, shall pass, and what a great time to stay in the AC and work on your social ...Read more »

Three Ideas on How to Increase Sales on Sports Prepay Envelopes

One of the most common ways for photographers to approach a sports picture day is the prepay method. This can be for both little leagues and school sports. If you were to have five or six prepay envelopes in front of you, you would see many different ideas on how to set up your packages and ...Read more »

Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Fine Art Torn Edge Prints

Just when I think I’ve seen enough products in the industry that I can’t get excited, H&H introduces a new product that makes my mind start racing about sales opportunities!  They did it again with the new release of Fine Art Torn Edge Prints. Images are printed on beautiful watercolor paper and the edges are ...Read more »
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