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Are You Making the Most of Your Clients’ Facebook Timeline Cover?

On March 31st Facebook, yet again, threw everyone for a loop by changing the format of all of their pages. The “Timeline” upgrade was met ... Read more »

New Social Networking site for Photographers: The Shoot It!

New Social Networking site for Photographers: The Shoot It! - Video Transcript Hey everyone, it's Georgia and this month's video blog post is about a site ... Read more »

Photoshop Tip: How to Add the File Name to the Front of an Image File

In this series of videos you will be shown where in Photoshop to find a script file that will put the file name on the ... Read more »

Lessons from Stephen Covey for Social Media

Have you put his ideas to work for you? Hi, everybody, Georgia McCabe here.  I hope you’re holding up in the heat. It’s hard to stick ... Read more »

Three Ideas on How to Increase Sales on Sports Prepay Envelopes

One of the most common ways for photographers to approach a sports picture day is the prepay method. This can be for both little leagues ... Read more »

Photography Products That Will Enhance Your Work: Fine Art Torn Edge Prints

Just when I think I’ve seen enough products in the industry that I can’t get excited, H&H introduces a new product that makes my mind ... Read more »

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